Helpful tricks for BBC Blogs

A very useful script for responding and instructions for using it

A blank link looks like this: <a href=""></a> Click on it for a tutorial with practice scratchpad

The URL (web address) goes between the double-quotes (“”), and you put your descriptive text between the > and the <

<a href="">Marlbama</a>
will give this: Marlbama

Try it, and you'll feel so slick! And don't forget to SMILE!

Bold:   <b>gives bold text, and </b> gives you back normal text
(in some cases, <strong>strong</strong> works the same)

Italic:   <i>gives italic text, and </i> gives you back normal text
and <b><i> bold italic </i></b> normal
Note: Symmetry is important!, e.g. <b><i> this way</b></i> may fail,

A method of offsetting a quotation can be implemented thus:
(Quotation marks and bold or italic can be added "to taste")

And it works in the "new look" bbc blogs!

Some useful characters for the BBC blog comments:
the code (without spaces) N.B. the semicolons are essential
and paste directly into comments box to have the character display in your comment.

Char Code Name Description
£&#163;GBP Pound symbol
¥&#165;Yen Yen symbol
ç&#231;c cedillac cedilla
&#8364; OR &euro;EuroEuro symbol
<&#60; OR &lt;Less thanless than
>&#62; OR &gt;Greater thanGreater than
&&#38; OR &amp;AmpersandAmpersand
á&#225;a acutesmall a acute
é&#233;e acuteSmall e acute
í&#237;i acuteSmall i acute
ó&#243;o acuteSmall o acute
ú&#250;u acuteSmall u acute
ä&#228;a umlautSmall a umlaut
ë&#235;e umlautSmall e umlaut
ï&#239;i umlautSmall i umlaut
ö&#246;o umlautSmall o umlaut
ü&#252;u umlautSmall u umlaut
ç&#231;c cedillac cedilla
§ &#167; &sect; section
© &#169; &copy; copyright
® &#174; &reg; registered trademark

N.B. the semicolons (;) are essential.
A more complete list of characters is here

This Doesn't:


gives indented block quotation,
Still thou art blest, compar'd wi' me
The present only toucheth thee:
But, Och! I backward cast my e'e.
On prospects drear!
An' forward, tho' I canna see,
I guess an' fear!
and must be ended with

</blockquote> to return to normal,
...happy html-ing!...Follow the link for a very good general reference.
N.B. The "new look" BBC blogs no longer render blockquote indentation, so:

As an experiment, I've been trying to find a substitute for block quotation: N.B. So far, it looks great in preview but gives the same result as <i>""</i>....
<p style="text-align: left; margin-left: 10%; margin-right: 10%; color: #000000; background-color:#eeeeee"><i> "[place quoted text here]" </i></p>
(Copy and paste the section betwen *** and ***)
will give the following:

"Eventually this mechanistic line of thought brings us to the doctrine that whatever happens is inevitable. Actually, this stark determinism is altered in general use to a doctrine that is even more contemptible. Every bad thing that happens is inevitable. For every good thing that happens there are mobs of claimers of credit. Every good and perfect gift comes from politicians, scientists, researchers, governments, and corporations. Evils, however, are inevitable; there is just no use in trying to choose against them. Thus all industrial comforts and labor saving devices are the result only of human ingenuity and determination (not to mention the charity and altruism that have so conspicuously distinguished the industrial subspecies for the past two centuries), but the consequent pollution, land destruction, and social upheaval have been "inevitable.""

Of course, the colour and background specifications are optional...;-)

Useful characters for BBC blogs (£ & < > etc.)   (more hints here) And here

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