Granville House
now managed by the leaseholders
  Granville House, a Grade II Listed Building on Ramsgate’s East Cliff, is one of the most striking and important buildings in Ramsgate, designed by Edward W Pugin, the ecclesiastical architect, whose famous father, Augustus Pugin, worked on the House of Commons and built The Grange in Ramsgate.
  The building, opposite the Granville Theatre, was previously known as The Granville Hotel, and is now 48 privately owned flats.
  Many of the flats have sea views, balconies and spectacular views.
  There is a stunning hallway with a sweeping staircase with fascinating stained glass, which is beautifully maintained by the full-time caretaker.
  The leasehold owners of the flats have decided to form a company together and have gone through the legal process of obtaining the Right to Manage (RTM), and from 1st September 2010 they will be responsible for looking after the building themselves.
  The RTM option was brought in by the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002, and allows leaseholders in a building to manage it themselves as long as they have majority support.
  Leaseholders can obtain the RTM without any dis-satisfaction with the freehold owner or their managing agent.
  It simply allows direct management by the people who own flats. There are several instances in Thanet where flat owners are now running buildings through the RTM process.
  Since August 2011, the RTM Company has the assistance of a Managing Agent.

Granville House RTM Company Ltd
The Manager's Office
Granville House
Victoria Parade
CT11 8DF