Toadsnatcher - what's new?

n 12.04.2004: Moth trapping page updated.

10.04.2004: Crowland Red-breasted Merganser pics added.

n 20.03.2004: Search facility added. Garden pages updated. Tree Sparrow information page added. 

n 16.03.2004: Farcet Fen Brambling page added.

n 08.02.2004: Decoy Road Little Egret pics uploaded.

n 01.02.2004: Peterborough Glaucous Gull pics added.

11.01.2004: Peterborough birds page updated and pictures indexed by year (some new ones included). British rarities page updated. Oxford Baltimore Oriole pics added.

n 05.01.2004: Peterborough Waxwing pics added.

n 04.01.2004: Grimsby American Robin pic added.

04.01.2004: Grimsby Waxwing pic added.

n 02.01.2004: Crown Lakes CP Waxwing pic added.

n 18.12.2003: Dog-in-a-Doublet Shag pic added.

10.12.2003: Stanground Wash Dartford Warbler pic added.

09.12.2003: Links page added.

08.12.2003: Photos of Greenland White-fronted Goose added. Species List index updated.

n 05.12.2003: Hooded Crow, Lesser Whitethroat and Black Redstart added to Peterborough area birds page. Species List index added.

03.12.2003: Hooded Crow pics uploaded.

24.11.2003: Lesser Whitethroat pics uploaded.

22.11.2003: Shetland photo gallery uploaded.

n 09.11.2003: 'About my garden' page updated. Garden bird photos uploaded. Moth trapping data added. Pic of Whooper Swans added.

08.11.2003: new moth photos added.

n 06.11.2003: Millennium Bridge Black Redstart photos added.

n 26.10.2003: Dogsthorpe Green-winged Teal pics uploaded.
What's New at Toadsnatcher page added.
About Toadsnatcher page added.

n 25.10.2003: Farcet Fen Sparrowhawk, Skegness Brambling and Great Yarmouth Olive-backed Pipit pics uploaded.

22.10.2003: Toadsnatcher's birding diary started - link added from main page. Will be updated daily.

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