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A Parable?

Let's suppose, for example, that ethnic Asians, having fled to Britain to escape persecution in Uganda and elsewhere (let's call them "Ugasians"), have prospered and become a 33% minority of some un- named British county. Suppose further that they have established businesses and farms and have purchased some 7% of the property in the county.

Suppose still further that a minority of the British natives have occasionally mounted racist attacks and have even fire-bombed some Ugasians' homes and businesses, and sadly, some Ugasians have responded in kind. This might result in a proposal to partition the county by devising a boundary surrounding an area in which the Ugasians constitute a 55% majority, and leaving them to form their own independent administration within that area according to their own traditions and laws, but with complete protection for the rights of the 45% non-Ugasian minority. It would also be expected that goods and people would be ensured free passage and trade between the partitioned area and the rest of the county, and the opportunity to migrate, but only for Ugasians inward and British outward.

Of course, there might be some irrational resistance to such an idea by the county's native British majority, and even though such proposals were made in good faith and with the intent of stopping inter-cultural conflict, the Ugasians might feel the proposed boundaries difficult to maintain or defend. For purely strategic reasons, they might seek to expand the boundaries to more defensible ones. Naturally, there might well be resistance to such moves, and conflict might erupt, even violence. The Ugasians might in such circumstances seek the support of other nations harbouring fellow Ugasians, and if the fighting became heavy, many of the British natives might flee the area, hoping and expecting to return when conflict ends....

Suppose further that the Ugasians were successful in defending the increased area and also in preventing the return of the natives, they might then decide to encourage Ugasian exiles living in other British counties to join them and occupy the 'abandoned' British properties, thus achieving a considerably increased numeric majority in the expanded area. The counties which had formerly hosted the departing Ugasians would possibly be glad to see them leave, due to resentment within their own populations at the treatment of the British natives by the Ugasians...Some counties (or elements within them) might even 'encourage' their migration...

Now constituting a clear majority, well-armed and holding the area securely, and with powerful foreign allies, the Ugasian State declares it has "a right to exist".


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