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Palestine in 1941

Extracted from
Nelson's World Gazeteer and Geographical Dictionary

Preface to the Second Edition

In this edition numerous alterations and additions bring the World
Gazetter as nearly up-to-date as possible, and show what the actual
position was at the outbreak of the present war. No attempt has been
made to record the geographical aspects of the present political and
military situation : such a record must wait till the overthrow of
the totalitarian states once more brings stability to the countries
of the world.

Although in the body of the book, the latest census figures are
retained, the tables at the end give the latest estimated figures
available. 1941


Palestine: country, W. Asia, on Mediterranean Sea; bounded N. by
Syria, E. by Transjordan, S. by Hejaz and Egypt; length 145 m.;
average breadth W. of Jordan, 40 m. Because of its history is the
"Holy Land" for Jews and Christians, and again is a national home for
Jewish people. Country divided into (1) coastal plain of Philistia,
Sharon, etc. (broken only by Mount Carmel), bordering Levant; (2)
mountain and hill country of Judea, Samaria, and Galilee; (3) Jordan
rift-valley, El Ghor, containing the Dead Sea; Principal riv., Jordan;
lakes are Merom, Sea of Galilee, and Dead Sea. Climate extremely
hot in summer and wet in winter; olive, cedar, and sycamore trees;
wheat, wine, olives, and many fruits; sheep and goats reared;
rlys running inland from Acre and Haif, and from Jaffa to Jerusalem,
are connected with line from Egyptian frontier; exports oranges, soap,
water melons, wines, durra, barley, sesame, and almonds;
trade mainly with Syria, U.K., and Egypt.
During Great War Turkish sovereignty was overthrown by British under
Allenby. Country now administered by Great Britain under mandate of
League of Nations. Cap. Jerusalem.
Area, c.9,000 sq. m.; pop. 816,000 (including 572,500 Moslems,
154,500 Jews, and 80,500 Christians)


[and from the "tables at the end" (Statistics of the British Empire)]

Palestine: Area in Sq. Miles: 10,429 Pop.: 1,467,000

(Editor note: (Not from Gazeteer) Official British Mandate Census for 1946/7

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