God Bless the grass
That grows through the crack
They roll the concrete over it
To try and keep it back
The concrete gets tired
Of what it has to do
It breaks and it buckles
And the grass grows through.
God bless the grass

God bless the truth
That fights towards the sun
They roll the lies over it
And think that it is done
It moves through the ground
It reaches for the air
And after a while
It's growing everywhere.
God bless the grass

God bless the grass
that grows through cement
It's green and it's tender
And easily bent
But after a while
It lifts up its head
For the grass is living
And the stone is dead.
And God blessed the grass

God bless the grass
That's gentle and low
The roots they are deep
And the will is to grow
And God bless the Truth
The friend of the poor
And the wild grass growing
At the poor man's door.
God bless the grass

Words and music by Malvina Reynolds, copied down from a record by Pete Seeger:
---- Pete Seeger: God Bless the Grass (Columbia CL 2432, 1966)
Malvina Reynolds

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