Unfortunately Thumbprint is no longer running, we have moved over to Outrageous Ambition

  • The Ink Again Team!

Welcome to Thumbprint!

Thumbprint works to help people with learning difficulties to set up and run projects. We start with an idea and work with people involved to help them to make it work. The idea could be for a business or micro-business or it could be for pleasure.

Working together we find ways of turning this idea into a project that works and is led by the people with learning difficulties involved.

Being in charge of your own project or working life can be hard work but it develops confidence and skills, widens outlook and enables you to participate in society in a very proactive way.

Thumbprint works to support projects to help them become valid, viable and sustainable. The people involved will decide how their project progresses – be it money making or leisure – and how it is run.

We believe people with learning difficulties can take part in society and direct their own work and lives. We all need support in trying out new ideas and Thumbprint works to give that support.