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Thalidomide Victims of the World    


In 1958 a wonder drug was given to pregnant women for morning sickness, instead it caused death to thousands of babies worldwide and left the survivors to be born without limbs and severe deformities. The very first victim was born in Germany in 1958, which continued to damage other babies until 1962 worldwide. We were told by the medical profession that it would not be allowed to happen again.

In 1995 the drug was secretly brought back by the UK and Brazil, yet some countries are still giving the drug to pregnant women and has a result babies are still being born with missing limbs. Our photographs highlights the horrors of the drug that will not go away even after all this time.

Worldwide Thalidomide Survivors


The Brazilian Thalidomide Survivors


Spanish Thalidomide Survivors


Sadly today they are still many thalidomide victims that have never been compensated by the pharmaceutical companies and their governments responsible for the drug in the 60s. One of the countries involved are Spain who those government continues to ignore these facts.



Some of the other countries include Italy, Portugal, Grease and Turkey



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