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The Origins of Mayo Shin Do...


Mayo Shin Do is a modern style of martial art. Although based on traditional Chinese and Japanese forms, it is a "middle way" and more suited to the modern European body form, lifestyle and dress....

The Mayo Shin Do style of karate was conceived by the late Grand Master Mr George Mayo (10th Dan Black Belt). Mr Mayo studied martial arts from the age of 8. His first club was started in 1948.

Mr Mayo wanted safe training with natural movement and no ego. It was in 1955 when Mr Mayo met and became friends with Kenshiro Abbe. He used to say Master Abbe gave him seeds to "grow" his system.

Our style used to be called Kyushindo which means "Seek the perfect way". But over the years certain areas of the UK started to move and train in ways Mr Mayo disapproved of. It was felt essential that everyone adhered to the same basic principles and set of rules.

Many organisations had claims to represent "Kyushindo" so Mr Mayo renamed the old style. It was decided that it would be called 'Mayo Shin Do' in honour of our chief, Mr Mayo (see 'The Truth about Me & Kyushindo' by Mr Mayo).

Everyone training in this style should be able to go to any other club in the country and train in harmony with the students there.

There are Mayo Shin Do Karate and Judo clubs around Oxford, Cheltenham, Henley, Brighton and here in Penwith, Cornwall.

Mr Mayo died at the age of 86 on November 30th 2004

Derek Collins (8th Dan Black Belt) is Mayo Shin Do Head of Style.
Elaine Jaycock (7th Dan Black Belt) is Deputy Head of Style.

And in Penwith, Cornwall:
Clive Double (5th Dan Black Belt) is Cornwall Area Coach.
Clint Hosking (3rd Dan Black Belt) is Marazion Instructor

Contact Nation Mayo Shin Do - Instructor (8th Dan) : Derek Collins

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