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New! - Pictures of George Mayo's Highgate Kyushindo Judo Club 1961

New! - View the 2007 Events Calendar...

New! - 1960 Letter From Kenshiro Abbe to George Mayo

New! - Photographs of George Mayo & Kenshiro Abbe - Judo

March 2006 - Annual Black Belt Grading at Sennen, Cornwall

February 2006 - Cornwall Area Spring Grading, Photos added

Feb 2005 - Typical Club Session at Sennen, Photos

Jan 2006 - Cornwall Area Karateka of the Year Awards

Cornwall Clubs - First Aid Course Photos Added

Cornwall Clubs Seniors Group Photograph - October 2005

2005 - (Oct 23rd) Andy Blythe's Farewell Dinner at the First & Last Inn

Vintage video clip of Mr Mayo in the early 1960's

October 14th 2005 - Cornwall Area Autumn Grading

July 23rd 2005 - Holsworthy Annual Karate Weekend

2005 - Cornwall Area Summer Grading at Sennen

2005 - Black Belt Grading at Sennen, Cornwall

2005 - Sennen Club First Aid Course at Penzance

2005 - Cornwall Area Spring Grading at Sennen

2005 - Cornwall Area Karateka of the Year Awards

2004 - Cornwall Area Autumn Grading at Sennen, Cornwall

2004 - Mayo Shin Do Karate Demo at Sennen, Cornwall

2004 - Black Belt Grading at Sennen, Cornwall

2003 - Derek Collins' Visit to Mr Mayo's in France

2003 - Black Belt Grading at Sennen, Cornwall

2002 Holsworthy Annual Karate Weekend

2001 - Karate Demo at Sennen Show, Cornwall

2001 - Annual Black Belt Grading at Sennen, Cornwall

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