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Photographs of George S. Mayo & Kenshiro Abbe in Judo Practice ...


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George Mayo & Kenshiro Abbe (click to enlarge)

A Message from the Current Master of Mayo Shin Do...

To answer questions about Kyushindo, as I understand it; Kenshiro Abbe came to this country practicing 'Kyu-Shin' (Japanese philosophy - meaning: 'Seeking Perfection'). It was whilst Mr Abbe was in this country that the 'Do' was added and it was changed to: 'Kyushindo' meaning 'Seeking the Perfect Way'."

It is strange that Martial Artists do not understand that other Martial Artists are seeking the same thing but on a different path.

George Mayo & Kenshiro Abbe (click to enlarge)

George Mayo & Kenshiro Abbe (click to enlarge)

George Mayo & Kenshiro Abbe






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