Sarah Records
An Introduction

Sarah Records was started in 1987 by Clare Wadd and Matt Haynes in a small basement flat in Bristol, just up the road from the Clifton Suspension Bridge. London - our splendid capital city and hub of the UK music industry - was up a much, much longer road (the M4, or A4 if you went via Newbury), and thus isn't at all relevant to this particular story.
Sarah's main aims were simple: to release 100 of the world's greatest pop-records, to show up all the other labels by doing it properly, and - by means of 7" singles, fanzines, flexidiscs, jigsaws, board-games and inflammatory literature - to raise the moral and political consciousness of the world to such an extent that, when the time came to release that 100th single, global Socialist revolution would be but a mis-timed handclap away. Sarah reached its century in August 1995, and promptly declared its work here done. The world, sadly, rather missed the boat.
jessicat We're in the middle of writing some stuff about Sarah that explains all this a bit better... not that we especially want to wallow in our past, but other people keep doing it, and getting it wrong, so we might as well do it ourselves, and get it right. In the meantime, HERE you'll find the sleevenotes to Shadow Factory, our first compilation LP, and HERE you'll find the text of the advert we took out in Melody Maker and NME to announce the release of SARAH 100 and the end of Sarah; together, they probably explain everything quite succinctly. If you want to see the advert itself, rather than just the text, click HERE - but it's a pretty big file (460K)!!! You can also find a basic discography of the label HERE (just titles, artists and catalogue numbers for now...).

OK. Now please leave quietly, setting fire to something appropriate on your way out.