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General information:

Rivercourt Methodist Church is located on the corner of King Street and Rivercourt Road in Hammersmith, West London. For full maps and travel details see the contact page.

Services are held at 11.00am on Sundays. For other events see the News page.

Rivercourt Mission Statement.

The following Mission Statement was worked at during a Church Weekend Away which looked at the life of the church in the light of the re-development proposals, and was used as a basis for worship on a following Sunday Morning.

For information about forthcoming events and a message from minister Paul Saunders see the News page

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Rivercourt Methodist Church is an open community of people trying to follow Jesus offering accessible, thoughtful and sensitive worship and attempting to put into practice in our daily lives the challenges of the Christian gospel. We try to be an inclusive community respecting difference and celebrating diversity and therefore welcome all those who would wish to share with us as the rainbow people of God.

We have a dream that our church will grow numerically, spiritually and intellectually. We hope that the church may be open to the local community and be a gathering place for groups and organisations in the neighbourhood. We desire that the church may reflect the diversity of our local community and we aim to offer warm, welcoming and sensitive worship. We hope that the church will be a used and useful building, an interesting busy place, a resource for the wider community where the building makes a contribution to rather than acts as a drain on our resources.

We believe that the re-development scheme will energise the congregation and provide for the first time flexible, accessible and comfortable accommodation with an attractive and more intimate worship environment. We believe that we will be able confidently to offer the hospitality of our building and thereby make connections with community groups in our neighbourhood.

Though we are at times a fragile inner-London church, we have inner resources of vision, imagination, hope and commitment and we are anticipating the renewal of the life of the church with enthusiasm.

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