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Pollock RICS provide an experienced auction team to conduct both on or off site Auctions. We have push Offsuccessfully carried out Plant and Machinery, Farm Clearance, House Clearance, Antique and Property Auctions.

Pollock RICS can look after the entire process from initial listings and advertising to sale day and final accounts. We also have an extensive mailing list of previous buyers, ensuring your assets receive maximum exposure and the best possible price at Auction.


Pollock RICS also run a monthly Plant & Machinery Auction -


Collective Sale of Farm Machinery / Tractors / Diggers / General Farm Equipment / Tankers / Cattle Trailers / Plant Trailers / Flat Trailers / Car Trailers / Scaffolding / Tools /

Quantity Timber / ATV's / Block Grabs / Vans / Cars / Lorries /Miscellaneous.


Saturday 2nd March 2019
Saturday 6th April 2019
Saturday 4th May 2019
Saturday 1st June 2019
Saturday 29th June 2019
Saturday 3rd August 2019
Saturday 7th September 2019
Saturday 5th October 2019
Saturday 2nd November 2019
Saturday 7th December 2019


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Gillygooley Road


BT 78 5PN


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For More Information or to advertise please contact:


POLLOCK :   028 8224 5440


*All sales are conducted strictly in accordance with the "Conditions of Sale"


Full details of further auctions can be found on our Facebook Page