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Scottish Wills 16th-17th century

Pat Burnett welcomes you to her website

Rich in genealogical data & human interest this much neglected source can be of use to anyone whose family researches have foundered in the middle of the 18th century. And to many whose search has never got off the ground.

The main drawbacks to using testaments/wills have been firstly, accessibility. The Registers of Testaments of the Commissary Courts of Scotland are held by the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh, and the indexes are available there, and in main libraries in Scotland. The Indexes of the Commissary Court Registers of Testaments for the whole of Scotland may now be searched online free of charge at ""

The second drawback has been language. The 16th-17th century wills are written in secretary hand, the script mainly used until the end of the 17th century. In many cases this is unreadable without training & application. This site offers an insight into the wide range of information available, in a series of volumes containing transcriptions from the original secretary hand & based on name and location. Full transcription of testaments in all books, 1-5, is now available on disc. See Search Information. A transcription service is available.