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Case History

MMT have been involved since 1998 in the manufacture of high-precision mouldings that are used in the installation of the fibre-optic cable networks that are currently being deployed throughout the world. This is a rapidly growing and fast moving business sector where a swift concept - design - manufacture process can be key to winning and retaining contracts. With this in mind, we have successfully had high-quality tooling ready for T1 trials within six weeks of final drawings being signed off and we intend to improve on this for future projects. 

During our involvement we have been pro-active at investigating various cost-down options and through this we have achieved a 50% reduction in material costs and significant increases in efficiency through improved tool design.

Key Benefits

Experienced in producing technically demanding mouldings.
Can produce high quality tools to demanding schedules.
Capable of repeatedly attaining very fine tolerances on mouldings.



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