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Injection Moulding
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Plant List

We manufacture mouldings using nineteen injection moulding machines which range from 30 Tonne to 700 Tonne clamping force which operate 24 hours a day.

Key Benefits

A wide range of components can be produced on our varying sized moulding machines.
Consistent product quality from our skilled setters and operators using microprocessor controlled machines.
Experienced at moulding a wide range of materials.
Attractive lead times.


MMT are continually investing in microprocessor controlled injection moulding machines and the latest ancillary equipment to enable us to efficiently produce high quality mouldings.

Annually, MMT supply manufacturing companies with millions of high quality plastic mouldings.

The Plant List page details our machine profile.

Skilled and conscientious staff.
Our moulding shop employees are very experienced and take a great deal of pride in their work.
Microprocessor controlled machines.
Our nineteen injection moulding machines are computer controlled, enabling consistent quality and fast set-up times.


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