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CTS - New High Tech Internet Shopping System.

A new product consisting of five parts requiring a suite of four mould tools.


To work closely with the Design Authority and the customer to satisfy the very high demands of this technologically advanced product

To work within a fixed budget and meet the very demanding time scale.


The CAD data of the original design was sent via e-mail to several UK, European and Far Eastern companies that were chosen to quote to manufacture the mould tools.

A suitable (Korean) toolmaker was chosen due to the lead time advantage they offered.

Tools were designed from the original CAD data with emphasis on dimensional accuracy and the high cosmetic standards required.

Mouldflow analysis and feasibility studies were conducted to determine the suitability of gate type/position, cooling requirements and fill patterns. No flow lines surface blemishes or gate blooms were allowed.

FMEAs carried out in conjunction with the designer and customer.


Approval of all tool designs was given prior to metal cutting.

Manufacturing time and accuracy was optimised by downloading the CAD data directly into the latest CNC toolroom machinery.

Regular progress/status reports and liaison with customer and the toolmaker.


First tool trial samples were received within ten weeks of tool design approval.

Full evaluation of parts carried out and all modifications detailed and submitted to the toolmaker.

MMT Project Manager travelled to Korea to supervise the pilot production run of five hundred sets of parts in several colour combinations prior to shipment of tools to the UK.


Procurement of suitable ultrasonic welding equipment along with the associated locating fixtures was required and is dedicated to this product.

One pre-moulded part is welded to another part within the moulding machine cycle time.


ISIRs produced and submitted with samples.

Quality plans created in accordance with customer requirements.

Critical cosmetic standards set with employee training and awareness sessions arranged prior to production commencement.



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