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The Name for Archiving. Archiving of Medical Images on CD
There is only one system that offers all the following capabilities at a price that make sense

Filmless archiving on CD or DVD with 50+ year life and current storage on LAN.
Legally acceptable images for "Defensive Scanning".
Standalone or LAN Networked Units as well as interfaced to hospital networks.
Images in full colour or monochrome on same system.
Immediate image capture without interruption to scanning.
Patient database system for review.
Bar code data input from HIS.
Not restricted to any scanner manufacturer.
CD cost 1/3 pence per image (compares to film at 15-30p and thermal at 7-22p).
Output for hard copy and images for other hospital computer users.
PAYA low priced "per image captured" option, avoiding capital expenditure.
Ultrapacs is also under development for a wide range of applications including MRI, Xray, Geophysical Sonar, Security CCTV and we would be pleased to discuss your particular area of interest.




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