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Systek...Fast...Dependable...User-friendly...designed to make money for you.

In today's tough and hectic business environment, you need equipment that will give you the support you require to keep your business...and keep it profitable.

Systek single and dual cassette loaders give you the speed and performance you need to turn out a premium product, and a reliability factor that keeps Systek on line and in operation with minimal downtime.

Systek cassette loaders are designed for ease of operation and maintenance. You won't find better value on the market today.

Key Features

On screen production status and problem identification.
Programmable menu options allow technicians or operators to tailor system operation.
Self-contained vacuum pump eliminates the need for a vacuum venturi, keeping air consumption to a minimum.
Designed with the technician in mind. Both mechanical and electrical assemblies are simple and logical.
Rugged construction. Built for long-term durability.
Operator friendly. Provides simple on-screen instructions and key commands.
Blank and pre-recorded options. Instant switching.
Air and mechanical tape guides minimise drop outs.
Improved automatic servo gain control and braking system for smooth wind profile and positive pancake stop.


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