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Guardianship Arrangement:

All the State Boarding Schools requires that students should have a guardian in the UK unless the parents are resident in the UK. A guardian is a legally responsible adult over 25 years old, living in the UK, and appointed by the parents.

Skegness Grammar School

Due to our working in close association with Skegness Grammar School, we are naturally the appointed guardians for those pupils from Hong Kong and Macao who secure the boarding places through our student placement service. While the effective period of the guardianship relation will last until the finish of the child's education at the school.

With regard to our guardianship service details, please go to "Guardianship Services" of this website, while the guardianship fee structure and the agreement will be sent to you by email on request.

Other State Boarding Schools

It is at the discretion of the parents to select the guardians for their children.

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