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General Information:

Since 2004, we have been specialising in providing the student placement services for children holding British Passport getting admission to the UK State Boarding Schools. We are providing FREE consultancy and student placement service for the children both in Hong Kong and Macao. Through our analysis of the recommended schools from different perspectives and the children's ability, we assist the parents to make the most suitable and wise choice for their children. In these recent few years, we have been successfully helping over 30 children enter several State Boarding Schools in UK.

UK State Boarding Schools

The State Boarding Schools provide high quality boarding at the lowest possible cost. There are totally 35 State Boarding Schools in UK , however, two of them are military school and one of them locate on an island, so the actual choices are just 32 only. Most schools are mixed, but there are a small number of girls' schools or boys' schools as refer to below table.

No Of Schools

Who is eligible for admission ?

Admission to State Boarding Schools in the UK is limited to children who are nationals of the UK and are eligible to hold a full UK passport, or those who have the right of residence in the UK. The holding of a BN(O) passport does not make the child eligible for a State Boarding School in the UK.

Comparison of the British and Hong Kong Education System

Age at start of year (approx) Hong Kong
School Year
School Year
*11 F.1 Year 7
12 F.2 Year 8
*13 F.3 Year 9
14 F.4 Year 10
15 F.5 Year 11
*16 F.6 Year 12
17 F.7 Year 13

* Remark: Those age group in red (i.e. 11, 13 & 16) are highly recommended time of intake. While those in blue (i.e. 15 & 17 ) are not considered due to the continuity of two years course of GCSE & A-level

Fee involved

You pay only the cost of boarding as the education at State Boarding Schools is free. This is only a fraction of the cost of boarding at an independent school. The boarding fee is ranging from 2,000 to 4,000.

Entrance Selection

Entry at 11+ (Year 7 - 10)

Type of School Selection Approach Remark
Grammar School Entrance Examination Taking place in British Council/Hong Kong Examination Authority/Current School
Comprehensive School result OR This is a majority approach now in use.
Interview Just a small number will hold an interview in Hong Kong each year.

Entry into Sixth Form (Year 12)

Selection is on the basis of GCSE results and school report. The minimum entrance requirement is getting 5 subjects C grade or above and the chosen subjects for A-level preferably achieving B grade or above.

Time of application

Generally, the state boarding schools will accept application one year in advance of the school commencement; however, one and half year or two years will be advised for those more popular schools.

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