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Full Guardianship Service   UK State Boarding Schools
We undertake a clear pupil welfare role, bridging between parents, pupil and school through our offer of comprehensive range of guardianship service.   Provide advisory and application service for those children in Hong Kong and Macao who want to study in the UK State Boarding Schools on condition that they are holding British or EU Passport.
Parents' School Touring Programme   English Language Programme
To help the parents select the most suitable school for their children through our arrangement of their personal visit of a small no. of selected schools. This will be a 7 - 8 days tour including visit of several places of attraction in UK.   Pre-boarding summer school
This is an English summer programme offers international students aged 11 - 17yrs a unique opportunity to improve their English and study academic school subjects in preparation for their year at boarding school.

Holiday Study Tour Programme
This is designed to help the boarding students keep their learning of English through our arrangement of tour locally or overseas if they stay in England for the long holiday / half term period.

We are an accredited member of
"The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students" (AEGIS) - an authoritative association for inspecting and accrediting guardianship organisations in the UK and supported by the British Council. So we are providing our services in accordance with a strict Code of Practise and current child care legislation.

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