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Service Details:

Description of Services Basic (Package Inclusive) Charging Items
A Assist the child settle-in promptly during their initial arrival period
1) Visits the child at school soon after their arrival and offer immediate assistance if required. yes
2) Assist purchase of a UK SIM card (with a mobile phone no.), top up card and prepaid IDD card to ease the communication between the child and the parents as well as at much lower cost. yes
B Allocation of Host Families
1) Allocate the most suitable host family for the child's homestay period in exeat/half term according to their location and profile. yes
2) All our host families must be "police checked" ensure no criminal record. yes
3) Maintain contact with the child and the host family during the homestay period to ensure their building up of harmonious relationship. yes
C A 24-hour Focal Point of Contact
Provide a 24-hour point of contact for the child, parents, host families, school and other organizations.
D Health and Safety
* 1) Arranging visits to doctor or dentist as necessary during homestay period. yes
* 2) Make emergency visits to school in case of serious illness/other extreme problems. Parents will be kept informed of the situation. yes
E Travel Arrangements
1) Making of travel arrangement for the child:
- Airport to/from school or host family
- School to/from host family
(Note: The above escort services will either be provided by taxi-driver or host family and the fee involved will be passed onto the parents' account.)

2) Booking of air tickets and reconfirmation of flight. yes
F Education
1) Communicate with the parents, child and the school on educational matters. yes
2) Bring to the attention of parents any educational problems that the child may require assistance and make arrangements for resolving as necessary. yes
3) Attend Parents Days to understand the child's academic progress or assist with choice of subject options followed by detailed report. yes
4) Translation of school report in Chinese language. yes
G Legal & Medical Document
- Act with signed authority on parents' behalf in case of emergency or crisis.
H Finance
1) Manage an account of the child's financial affairs with detailed report provided by the end of each term. yes
2) Assist with payment arrangement of other expenses such as piano lesson yes

1) * Only fuel cost would be charged.
2) Quotation will be provided for all charging items on requested.

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