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Foundation of the Association
Annual General Meeeting


The Ladbroke Association was founded in 1969, in the same year as the designation of the Ladbroke Conservation area. The original impetus for the setting up of the Association was a proposal by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to cut down and replace the plane trees along the southern end of Ladbroke Grove. Led by the well-known architect and town-planner Robert Meadows and other local residents, including Sir Angus Stirling, later our president, the Association was successful in opposing the proposals, and the trees remain.


The Ladbroke Association’s constitution sets out its objectives:

   ●  to encourage high standards of architectural and town planning within the Ladbroke Estate area;

   ●  to stimulate interest in and care for the beauty, history and character of the neighbourhood;

   ●  to encourage the preservation, development and improvement of features of general public amenity or historic interest in the area.

The Association is registered as a charity (Charity No. 260627) and is therefore subject to the strict rules governing charities.

The Association is not just a preservation society, seeking only to conserve and retain existing buildings. The Ladbroke estate has never been frozen in aspic. It has always contained a variety of styles. The Association encourages good contemporary architecture which takes into account the spirit and tradition of the original estate buildings, especially to replace some of the shoddy or ugly building work which took place in the period of reconstruction immediately following the Second World War.


See Constitution

Membership is open to all with an interest in the area, especially residents. We hope that as many residents as possible will join the Association. The annual subscription is £15, payable by
standing order.

Over the last couple of decades, the value of property in the Ladbroke area has soared and money has poured into the area. Much of this money has gone to the restoration of dilapidated houses to their former glory. However, the financial boom in property has meant immense pressure on space. There have been cases of unsuitable dormer windows materialising to light improvised attic rooms; street views of communal gardens being sacrificed to building extensions; and attractive stucco shop-fronts being destroyed. The Royal Borough has been faced with a huge increase in
planning applications and is less able than in the past to resist determined pressure from developers. So the Association’s role has never been more important, and the bigger our membership, the more effective we can be.
We are also concerned that we should reflect the views of the broad community who live in the area. Everyone who is a resident of the Ladbroke Conservation Area should be a member of the Association so that their views may be heard in the debate on continuing issues in the area.
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The President of the Association is Thomas Pakenham. The work of the Association is directed by a committee of three officers
(Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer) and up to twelve other members who are elected at the annual general meeting. There can also be co-opted members, usually councillors
representing the two wards in which the Ladbroke Conservation Area lies, Norland and Pembridge. The current committee consists of:

Chairman: Graham Child
Vice Chairman: Peter Chapman
Hon Treasurer: Paul Bastick
Hon Secretary: Anne Chorley

Kay Broadbent
Cllr David Campion (Pembridge ward councillor)
Cllr Catherine Faulks (Norland ward councillor)
Maurice Fraser
Sandra Kamen
David Marshall
Peter Mishcon
Malcolm Pawley
Peggy Post

Newsletter Editor: Sophia Lambert

The Society’s annual general meeting is held in the summer. All members are invited and it provides a forum for members’ views although we also welcome views by letter or email at info@ladbrokeassociation.net or on our blog at  www.ladbrokeassociation.blogspot.com


The Association is affiliated to the Kensington Society and the Civic Trust. It is the committee's policy to co-operate on matters of common interest with neighouring amenity societies such as the Norland Conservation Society, the Pembridge Association and the Notting Hill Gate Improvements Group.
The association receives notices of planning applications and inspects, discusses and comments on those which affect the Ladbroke area in any significant way. In addition, the Association has been involved in (and sometimes initiates) discussion with the planning authorities on wider questions of conservation policy, on which it is regularly consulted by the Council. Its biggest campaign has been fpr better treatment of those unfortunate enough to live next door to a property where a major basement development is taking place. It is also currently
engaged in an inventory of the buildings in the area with a view to making recommendations to the Council and/or English Heritage on whether further buildings should be listed or be made subject to Article 4 directions removing permitted development rights. See planning page.

The Association also arranges activities for members, including an annual guided tour of some of the communal gardens in the area; a Christmas party in one of the houses in the area; and occasional public lectures, most recently in autumn 2012 when our chairman, Thomas Pakenham, gave a lecture on Remarkable Trees of Ladbroke. We also aim on this website to provide information about the conservation status of the buildings [link to come] in the area and about its history and architecture [link to history page to come].

In the early 2000s, the Association commissioned a full photographic archive of the area, a copy of which is in the Local Studies collection at the Kensington Central Library. The Association organised an exhibition of the best of the photographs on 16th-17th October 2007 at the Twentieth Century Theatre in Westbourne Grove. One of the exhibits was the poster below picturing a number of streetscapes in the area. The original copy of the poster is a 40Mb jpg file and is too large to put up on this website, but click on the picture below for a 1.43 Mb pdf file. A high quality copy of the
poster may be purchased from the Ladbroke Association for £40. Send an email to info@ladbrokeassociation.net.
See Current Planning Applications

A newsletter is periodically circulated free to members, informing them of current activities and plans affecting the neighbourhood and giving advice on particular aspects of conservation and planning. See Newsletters


Chairman: Chairman@LadbrokeAsociation.net
Hon. Secretary: Hon.Secretary@LadbrokeAsociation.net
Hon. Treasurer: Hon.Trasurer@LadbrokeAsociation.net
   75A Ladbroke Grove, London W11 2PD, Tel: 0207229 1741
Newsletter Editor: Newsletter.Editor@LadbrokeAsociation.net
President: President@LadbrokeAsociation.net
Web Contact: Councillor David Campion BA(Arch) DipTP FRIBA MBCS CITP 


The Ladbroke Association website was created by David Campion in 2001 in order to provide both an accessible public profile of the Association and a means for disseminating information about the Association and its activities.

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