About Kris

Kris Brown is one of the new kids of Progressive House & Electronic Music.  His debut track "Hello Speaker" caused a stir in the UK scene in 2010 amongst his peers, and follow up remixes on the Polytechnic Recordings received high profile feedback & support from some serious artists such as Andrew-K, Flash Brothers, Jay Smith, Andy Newland, Josh Abrams, James Warren, Matt Black, Luke Porter, Sasha Le Monnier, Burufunk, Ben Coda, Duane Barry, Simon Firth, Frank Wilde, Alex Hall, Storyteller, Bobby Deep, Jairus Miller,  Redloft & Stereo K,  just to name a few...

Kris now produces under multiple labels, including LuPS Records, Segment, and Fever Sound.

As a DJ, Kris produces a monthly Podcast which can be found here

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