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Knox & Devlin

Veterinary Surgeons

Knox & Devlin

Veterinary Surgeons

10 Bridge Street,

Whaley Bridge,

High Peak,


SK23 7LR


Tel: 01663 732692

Fax: 01663 732693


These are some of the conditions where you should consult your vet out of hours:

  • Large wounds or continous bleeding
  • Road traffic accidents - falls or accidents or if you suspect a broken bone
  • Repeated vomiting for over 48 hours - especially in very old or young animals
  • Severe or bloody diarrhoea for over 48 hours
  • If you suspect your animal has swallowed a foreign object or something poisonous (for example antifreeze, slug pellets, rat poison, chocolate or human medications)
  • Breathing difficulties - especially cats that are open-mouth breathing
  • Complications in pregnacy or giving birth
  • Animals that are unable to pass urine
  • A bloated stomach or unproductive retching
  • Collapsed animals
  • Eye injuries
  • Seizures


This is not a comprehensive list and if you are in doubt then ring the surgery number for advice

Knox & Devlin Veterinary Surgeons is part of CVS (UK) Limited, a company which owns over 200 veterinary practices in the UK.

Company Registration Number 03777473

Registered Office CVS House, Vinces Road, Diss, IP22 4AY