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Effleurage is usually used at the start of a treatment to spread the oil/lotion and warm the area being worked on.  The general effects of this type of massage include warming the muscles to allow for deeper massage techniques to be applied, it accelerates blood circulation and evokes relaxation.

Petrissage is also known as kneading.  As with effleurage it has a general warming effect, increases circulation and is often used at the start of a massage.  It helps to stretch the muscles due to the nature of the technique.

Friction is a deep technique in massage and targets specific areas of tissue damage.  It can help break down scar tissue and increase the flow of blood to the damaged areas to aid the healing process.

Tapotement is a percussions technique, which is used often at the end of a treatment to stimulate and wake the patient up.

Neuromuscular Technique (NMT) uses pressure, which is placed on tight areas within muscles on attachment points.  This technique is often thought to be affective due to the post pressure relaxation.  When the deep pressure of NMT is applied it is thought that endorphins are released, which are a natural pain suppressant.  This is why the patient feels the pain reduce throughout the pressure.  As the pain reduces, so does the tension.  When the pressure is taken off the point, the muscle relaxes further, releasing more tension. 

Soft Tissue Release (STR) stretches muscle further than you would normally be able to.  It uses pressure to increase the length of the muscle.  It's an extremely versatile technique and can be used in many situations to release general muscle tension, fascia tightness and as part of re-habilitation programme, post surgery.

Muscle Energy Technique is a manipulative technique where the patient uses their muscles in a controlled position in a particular direction and the practitioner produces a counterforce pressure to increase the range of movement.  It is very effective on tight or shortened muscles.


60 min Sport and Remedial Massage 50*

30 min Sport and Remedial Massage 30*

* Please note: There may be an additional charge for travelling time depending on your location








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