Gemma Coleson BA (Hons) BTEC Dip

Sport and Remedial Massage

Do you suffer from...

Back pain?

Stiff neck and shoulders?

Tension headaches?

Poor circulation?

Tight muscles?

These are just some of the problems that can be relieved by Sport and Remedial Massage
Are you...

Recovering from an injury?


Training for an event?

About to undergo surgery?

Working at a desk all day?

Sport and Remedial Massage is not just for athletes, this is a common misconception. Our lives have a huge affect on our muscles. Our jobs, parenthood and leisure activities can all contribute to stress and muscle tension.

Massage can not only help improve problems, but also help prevent them. 

Special Offers

8 treatments for the price of 7*

* To qualify for this offer you must pay for 7 treatments in advance





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