PATRON: Lynette Greenway

Available for Hire........ Charity & Fund Raising Events, Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate Events, Special Occassions, Concerts, etc. All requests and distances considered.


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Choir Commitment To Concert Organizers.

The Abertillery Orpheus Male Choir will provide the following for concert organizers:

  1. A programme chosen from our current repertoire as selected by our musical team. This will include, where appropriate, soloists from within the choir and / or guest artiste.
  2. The opportunity for members of the audience to purchase current and previous recordings of the choir at reasonable prices.
  3. The opportunity for organizers to request one or two items from our repertoire for inclusion, where possible, in the programme.
  4. A professional and courteous approach to all problems or requests that may arise in the course of the concert planning.
  5. The opportunity, where possible, for choristers wives and supporters to attend the concert. A request will be made to the organizers for the reservation of tickets, purchased at face value, prior to the concert date. The number of tickets required would be in the region of 20-35 range.
  6. An evening of friendship and good music which will hopefully enhance the reputation of the choir and organizers

Choir Requirements At Concert Venue.

In order to ensure the success of the concert the choir will require the following items / conditions:

  1. Access to the venue one hour before concert commencement to ensure correct staging and practice of the choir.
  2. A space / platform / stage from which to perform. This area should be of sufficient size to accommodate up to 65 choristers with seating for the same.
  3. A piano that is of CONCERT STANDARD and has been recently TUNED. If one is not available, the choir can produce a portable keyboard.
  4. A room or area where the choir can change before / after the concert and coats / bags can be safely stored.
  5. A separate room for our female accompanist and / or female guest artiste.
  6. A small space or table towards the rear of the hall where our recordings can be displayed and sold.

The following items are not essential but where they can be provided the choir would be very grateful.

  1. A recommendation for a licensed premises suitable for a post concert social evening, with if possible an extension of licensing hours to 11:30pm or if possible midnight
  2. A light buffet for choristers after the concert.
  3. Tiered staging. This will normally provide a more satisfactory oral and visual dimension during the concert.
  4. A commencement time of 7.00 p.m. to allow a reasonable finishing time for young and elderly people attending the concert.
  5. An area for parking of choir coaches until time of departure.

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