PATRON: Lynette Greenway


It is often said that behind every great man there is a great woman, so just imagine how lucky Abertillery Orpheus Male Choir are to have their own great women behind them. This being the case since May 1971 when a group of chorister wives decided to meet to discuss ways of raising money to purchase much needed choir attire and clothing too!

A meeting was arranged, being held at one of their homes where it was unanimously decided at that first meeting the ladies section would be known from then on as 'EURYDICE' named after the beloved wife of Orpheus.

'Eurydice Was in Action'

Early meetings of Eurydice were held monthly at members homes and continued in this way for many years. Meeting to date still being held monthly but now at one of our local schools named Bryngwyn (White Hill ) were choristers hold their rehearsals .

At his present time the ladies committee has a total a 17 members 2 of whom Mrs. Gladys Davies and Mrs. Chrissie Budd being founder members.

The ladies of Eurydice are unstinting in their fund raising efforts. Holding many raffles, table top sales, car boot sales, race evenings, etc. and since their conception back in 1972 the ladies of Eurydice have raised over 30527 all of which has been donated to the choir enabling them to purchase new uniforms and providing financial help on all tours and engagements carried out at home and abroad.

In addition to the fundraising activities the members of Eurydice are stalwart supporters of the choir attending all concerts giving their full support whether in Wales, England , Scotland or on the choirs many overseas tours.

A regular rota is arranged by the ladies to provide choristers with that well known pick me up (a cup of tea) at all practice sessions, and on numerous occasions providing buffet meals and refreshments for visiting choirs and all other social functions.

Although the Eurydice Committee seldom totals more than 20 members with their loyalty and support the Abertillery Orpheus Male Choir continues to grow from strength to strength.