Each year we try to organise a gathering of all the Cuffes currently researching their family trees. These gatherings are held at different parts of the country and are a great way for researchers to meet new family members and share information and findings. Usually they take the form of a presentation or a speaker and then in depth discussions on the trees and records. After a good lunch sometimes a tour of an historic site linked with the family name. Or they could just be family History workshops. 

Notice is given of these events and how to join them through the Kinsman Bulletin.


Each member is given an ID when they join and from this their research enquiry for information is made up into a table. This table used to be displayed on previous websites, but is now far to large. so it will be made available by request only and sent via email in an Adobe pdf format.

Recently this list has also been put into Groups. to reflect the common interests. So far we have some six groups and growing.


Some years ago we produced in printed format this book. It has since undergone an refurbishment and update of new records along with more maps. This book is now available in Pdf format on disc only ordered direct from CRC.

Priced at 12.00 including Packing & Postage (Non members)

Members price 8.00 including Packing & Postage.

1. History of Cuffe Research Centre.

Founded in 1977 by Jeff Cuffe initially to study his own family tree. CRC grew rapidly from 1985 onward due to the mass of material collected by him. He then joined the Guild of One Name Studies and registered his worldwide interest in the Cuff(e) name and all references to it. Research is now on a global scale with over 150 researchers worldwide searching the Cuffe Family name and family trees.

2. Aims & Scope

CRC is more of a fellowship than a club. This fellowship embraces all Cuff(e) family members worldwide and supports their aim to search their family tree and to then submit a copy of their research to CRC. The reason for this is to assist other members of this worldwide family to link up and become part of a global family. We aim to try to trace all known Cuffes back from today to as far back in time as we can go. We have successfully linked over 50 families and are very close to linking many more and thus produce a global family tree. 

CRC operates a comprehensive database system of records which is the largest in the world on the Cuff(e) name. They consist of:-

  • Birth, Marriage & Death Registers

  • Census Records 1841 - 1901

  • Wills

  • Abstracts 540ad - earl 1900's

  • Photographic records

  • Members files

  • Family Trees

These records are broken down into the following order:-

  • By Country

  • By County or District

  • By Century i.e. 1800  -  1899

  • By Members (Groups)

We have records for the following regions of the world.

  • Great Britain & Ireland

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

  • Canada

  • Republic of South Africa

  • USA

  • Caribbean

  • India

  • Burma

3. Publications.

To assist researchers and enable the organisation to function CRC has established two main publications.

  • Kinsman Journal

  • Kinsman Bulletin



Kinsman Journal is an annual journal full of research findings and items relating to searches, plus stories. The journal is published in electronic form as an Adobe E book and sent to all registered researchers.

Kinsman Bulletin is a regular email notice of current events and is usually published every quarter which handles all the functions of the CRC and inter action with members and new researchers. 

4. How to become a member.

To join the CRC you have to be a genuine Cuff(e) researcher and demonstrate a minimum level of lineage. Membership is free to all registered members.

5. Protocols.

CRC operate a range of protocols in its dealing with members. These include a set of standard electronic formats relating to the main computer programmes that we operate. These file types include:-

  • pdf 

  • jpeg

  • ftw

  • gedcom

  • Microsoft office, i.e. Doc, Excel

We are not able to handle Apple Mac software. 

We also expect new enquiries to demonstrate at least a limited level of knowledge of their own family tree. i.e. you would be expected to be able to go back at least to your grandfather with relevant dates of births, marriages and deaths.

CRC reserve the right to refuse to deal with any person or organisation it deems unsuitable to engage in research activities with our aims.

6. Funding.

Being a voluntary organisation means that we do not charge for membership. Funding is completely voluntary by the members. Charges can be levied however on research or publications supplied at the discretion of the Founder.

7. Affiliations.

We have a number of affiliations with other organisations and specialist researchers. Principal among these are:-

  • The Guild of One Name Studies

  • Somerset & Dorset Family History Society.

8. Contacting us.

All enquiries should be made by email to:-

Guild of One Name Studies Website

The Somerset & Dorset Family History Website