Invista manufactures measurement systems for the Paper Industry with a  focus on applications around the wet-end of the paper machine and sub-processes. Our products are; simple to install, easy to use, reliable and offer a cost-effective solution to improving wet end stability.

Our company is a niche-market supplier with products that have out-performed similar more complex systems which demand a high level of expertise to use them. Our long-term customers range from small mills to large volume  paper machines each of which realise full and continuing returns from our measurements. We have worked across the full range of Paper product grades with complete success.

We continue to focus our investment for product development in order to provide mills with a set of tools to improve control.



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Our present product range includes ;

Charge demand measurement

For conditioning of the feedstock to reduce  material additive or raw material variations.

Retention measurement

Thinstock %Cs. and whitewater solids with Ash measurement to help stabilise wet end conditions.

Consistency measurement

Optical consistency measurement for thickstock and low consistency applications.

Moisture measurement (Development)

Moisture content measurement to optimise Press-section water removal.

Environmental monitoring & recovered / excess water systems

Machine house fibre recovery, excess water systems, influent load and effluent plant control.

HMI (SCADA) software

PC based graphical trending tools with historical data-logging for process analysis.


Other Applications include; pH and Conductivity measurement in conjunction with the Charge demand measurement process sample preparation.

Most of our application work is carried out in mills and we provide on-site services as required. This may take the form of; installation / commissioning, calibration, remedial service or scheduled preventative maintenance.

We now have more than ten years continuous use of our products in the wet end and we have established a reputation as a reliable supplier of specialised Paper Mill measurement applications




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