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So, here it is : after months of work by yours truly, this is the first HTML’ed-up draft of Trash Icons, an online history and discography of Win, Edinburgh’s finest super popoid postpunkers who shone briefly but brightly in the 80’s firmanent. Without further ado, let’s delve deeper into the World Wide Win-Web!

Your genial host : Mick Scannell

This site is divided up into several sections :

Once Upon A Babylon : a potted history of the band, it’s members, where they are now etc etc.
Super Popoid Grooves : 7 singles, and a whole lotta limited editions going on; this is a complete list of Win’s 7”s, 12”s, and CD singles
Un-American Broadcastings : a complete list of both albums
Charms of Powerful Trouble : a complete(ish) list of Win promos / compilations / foreign editions / acetates / white labels / yada-yada-yada
Baby Cuttings : odds and sods from the music media, the web and beyond
Empty Holsters : what can you do for this website?
Chewing Gum For The Ears : gigs, performances, busks
Scary, Scary : the rants of Chairman Henderson
Hollywood Baby Too : Win-vids
Trigger Happy : the thoughts of Freaky Trigger

Recent Additions and Updates :

14/06/10 Exciting news from Michael Dobson who is involved with the project at RPM Cherry Red Records who will be rereleasing the "Freaky Trigger" album in July! Yeps, you did read that rightski! You can already find the CD for preorder on Amazon as we speak - it has been remastered at none other than Abbey Road studios and will consist of the original album plus the 5 rare single B-sides. Fresh interviews with some of the band and more biographical info will also be included.

Even more excitingly, Michael has been generously sending me many scans of old magazine articles about the band, all manner of Win related info from his massive musical brain, and excitingly some live Win tracks from back in the day - this motherlode should take time to transcribe so hopefully within a few weeks I'll be able to get this stuff onto Trash Icons. There remains the possibility of the first album also being rereleased by Cherry Red so do your bit and buy "Freaky Trigger" to demonstrate that there's still interest in Edinburgh's finest. Good times!

Many thanks again to you M for all your help and correspondance!

22/12/09 You know you're living in Endtimes with the Rapture close at hand when halfway through the season the Hibeys are serious contenders for the Scottish title! Strange days indeed!

First up in my delayed reportage is news that I've finally managed to track down one of the rarest items of Win bricabrac, that of the one-sided 12" DJ promo (LONXDJ 128) of "Super Popoid Groove". It just turned up on Ebay only yesterday and now is winging its way to Trash Icons Towers via the medium of Royal Mail, so expect to see a writeup forthwith.

So, did any of you characters manage to get to see the Sexual Objects / Subway Sect concert at the Citrus Club in Edinburgh back at the start of December? Sadly, I only got back from me hols on the day of the gig so couldn't make it (cheers for the headsup again Murray) - apparently after the gig you could go round the corner to Henry's Cellar Bar to see the Bum-Clocks playing. I also missed the Objects supporting the Gang Of Four tour back in September - their "Return The Gift" album is nearly as much played on my iPod as UTB(ATI) and "I Love Total Destruction".

Keep an eye out for any repeats on BBC4 of the Stiff At The BBC programme - as well as an interesting documentary in itself of some live performances captured by the Beeb by bands of one of our greatest labels, you can see footage of Janice Long introducing the Pogues and the Dubliners doing "Irish Rover" whilst wearing a Win cap! Never mind a Dukla Prague away kit, that's all I want for Christmas!

The lead singer of the Noisettes is named Shingai Shoniwa - is there a possibility that she is related to Manny at all?

"We Could Cover Up The 'C'" has always been a mysterious track in terms of its origins, but thanks to the detective work of Thomas Dyton, we now know as to what Hendo was referring to. Over to Thomas :

I always thought We Could Cover Up The 'C' had something to do with that couple who made huge art installations covering things with silk, like this one ... ..... and ..... .... and this one which moved in the wind ..... .... the give-away lyrics being "See how it describes the wind / taking breaths in silken storms / we could cover up the sea". Anyway, I just read that the female half of the duo just died... ..... Just do a google search for "see how it describes the wind" - including inverted commas..."

..... now if you do this it'll take you to a Google scan of a book called "The economics of attention: style and substance in the age of information" by Richard A. Lanham, and it forms part of a quote by Christo himself. Thomas continues with how he contacted the webmaster of Christo's website :

... so I sent an audio file to their webmaster, Jok, saying I thought the song must have been inspired by their work. The guy wrote back asking if they could thank the composer - "If you are the composer, I thank you for passing it onto us. If you are not the composer, I still thank you. And do you know how to reach the composer so I may thank him/her/them?"

.... well, the various Winsters occasionally drop by Trash Icons so if you're reading this chaps, then I hope this is of interest. Cheers again Tom, excellent work. Laters alles!

03/07/09 Well its only taken 20 years but finally I've got to listen to some live Win, all thanks to the generosity of Duncan Scott, all the way from Middle-Earth itself, South Island of New Zealand. Many thanks again you crazy Notts diamond! It was a tape made off the radio all the way back in 1986 on BBC's Radio 1's "In Concert" series, and considering its age and origins, sounds pretty damn fineski. Duncan says that they were supporting a Fine Young Cannibals tour, a tour of which I was previously unaware of.

The first track, "Baby Cutting", never one of my favourite tracks, undergoes a transformation live and is astonishingly good and is, dare I say it, now my favourite take of any Win track, such is its awesomeness - Davey sings like a man possessed, there's some excellent gee-tar work, the Stod' maintains a propulsive bassline while the backing synths rise and fall majestically. Next up is a cover of Bolan's "The Slider", pretty much the same version as on the various singles' B-sides. Davey then introduces the nomenclaturly-reduced "Beautiful Sky" - again his voice soars singing this track, and he even delivers some lyrics as a soliloquoy and with the odd Engine-period yelp! "The new single" is then played, that of "Shampoo Tears", and is the only track to feature muchos backing vocals from the rest of the band. "Super Popoid Groove" then finishes the set, starting off with an entry surely intended as an homage to Bowie's "Lets Dance"! Its a bit more 'thrashy' than any of the recorded versions I've heard, with Davey at one point counting up to 8 (but sadly not making it to "98-99-100"!), and is a nicely chaotic number.

Duncan also asks the following Q concerning the second Fire Engines' Peel session (recorded around November 1981). He says that it " .....contains the unreleased tracks "Young Tongues Need Taste", "Big Wrong Time", "Qualitamatic" and "Produced To Seduce To". This session is a real good indication of where the Fire Engines were heading, and provides a good link to the later Win sound, but it never seems to get a mention and as far as I'm aware, these tracks have never been released?!". Any ideas anyone?

John Caples informed me back in May about Marc Riley playing the latest from the Sexual Objects, "Queen City Of The 4th Dimension", and says ".... Riley played it back to back with T. Rex's "Light of Love" and I could barely tell the difference!". The Obj's singles are getting better and better, and thrillingly John informed me that there'll be a second sesh for Riley in September followed by an album!

Nick Lewis writes to let me know that he has both differently-coloured-LP-sleeves of the first Win album but can find no difference between them other than his particular blue variant came with the large promo poster - sorry Nick again, but I've never ascertained as to why there were 2 such versions.

And finally many thanks to Murray who informed me that there was a "...... Win gig at the Edinburgh festival in the BBC studios in 85. They did Candy Skin, the only time I saw them do that". He also said Win appeared on a TV programme called FSD - can't say I recall that, maybes a Scots programme? I've always wondered if Win played a gig at the Fringe, as did the Engines, and I now I know - cheers Murray, you're mint! (...... I'll get me coat.)

12/12/08 It's been quite some time since the last update but I've been holding this one back to see how it would play out. Some months ago Davey H contacted me with the following note which I'm sure he'll be cool with me blurting, but it really is too exciting to hold in!: "got 3 Win demonstrations on cassette1.thirteen baby 2. strawberry letter 3. baby wants to ride , that were rejected by Virgin...when I've copied them to tape the quality deteriorates so much that even the most sympathetic of ears would's a shame 'cos the 'master cassette' sounds magnif. to me anyway ...but when I manage to get a satisfactory copy I'll send it to you ...bear in mind they're demos so structurally & lyrically incomplete but they zing! will let you know when I'm satisfied...".

Pretty damn fascinating eh?! And hear was me believing teh internetz scuttlebutt that all W's 'demonstrations' (hah, love that!) had been taped over. Not being a mentalist stalker I never followed up DH for a copy to score me a listen but hopefully he'll get a round tuit at some point, here's hoping, and of course I'll be the first to write about these long lost joolz for all y'all Winners out there in Alba and abroad. And many thanks to Edinburgh's own Mick Delaney (and fellow afficionado of the finest-monikered Scots footy team of them all, that of Buckie Thistle! Apropos of nothing, there's a pub in Blackpool called Jaggy Thistle!) who dropped the following explanatory nuggets regarding the cryptic Paul Mason mentioned in the 'Many Thanks' list of the second album : "Paul Mason scored twice for Aberdeen in a Cup Final vs Rangers in Oct '89. ..... is this a pro-Aberdeen or anti-Rangers sentiment... ? always been curious !". Mick also confirms that the Stuart Maconie "Freaky Trigger" review that inspired a footy player to buy a copy was in fact none other than Brian McLair. Cheers for all that big man!

12/08/08 S'been 3 months since the last update - many apologies for that hombres, I'll put it down to turning 40 during that time and the attendant loss of working neurons. First up is news from John Caples concerning the forthcoming Sexual Objects single "Here Come The Rubber Cops" which should be out by the end of August on the Creeping Bent label. JC requested Marc Riley to play it on his BBC Radio 6 show which the affable Manc duely did last week - you might still be able to listen to it via the BBC website. This is easily the most commercial thing Hendo has done in years and I love it, definitely my favourite tune from the Obj' so far. John also wonders if this is the fruit of the recent collabaration with Boards Of Canada - shamefully, I've had the latters "Music Has The Right To Children" album for a year now but still haven't got round to listening to it.

Any one have any info on the Bum Clocks recently? - if so then do us a favour and drop us a line. Did the BCs or the Obj' do any gigs during the Fringe?

Did any of you catch The Culture Show on July 24th in the episode where resident art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon took a look at Scottish landscape art via the medium of helicopter? The opening musical introduction of this section of the programme was naggingly familiar, and after a minute or two going through my iTunes, I identified it as none other than the 9's "Constellation Of A Vanity", a nicely ironic choice.

Back in late April, The Southbank Show's Melvyn Bragg presented a series "Travels In Written Britain", and in the episode concerning Scotland, Rusty Burns' bro Tam Dean read to camera a brace of Rabbie Burns' poems - including "Wantoness" and "Nine inch will please a lady" - the latter of which found Tam delivering this naughty ode in bed, with some foxey lady laying next to him in the nip! Did ye know many of RB's stanzas were banned up until the 1960s? Nope, neither did I - laters, disco citizens!


01/04/08 First up is a missive received by my go-to-guy for all things Creeping Fray Bentos, John Caples, who has brought to my attention the formation of a new outfit called The Bum Clocks (I'm guessing that this is the outfit that was originally to be called Stac Lee. I reckons I've a better name for this new crew : Leithal Weapon!). This unholy trinity is comprised of Russell Burns, his brother and ex-Dirty Red Tamm Burns, and Josef K main man Malcolm Ross, and their Unique Selling Point is : Iggy Pop meets Rabbie Burns! Head on over to their MySpace page and enjoy such delights as Rabbie's "Nine inch will please a lady" and a cover of the Stooges' "Dirt". How can you not love a line like : "Noo a want tae be your dug!" Thanks again JC, and here's the link.

Clicking through on MySpace has shown an update on the official Fire Engines page, of a complete recording of the 1980 play of "Why Does The Pope Not Come To Glasgow?" which the Engines interspersed with their postpunk clattering. The recording is frankly dog-rough but SFW, the main thing is that the play and soundtrack are there and available for download. Splendidly, there's also loadsa new Fire Engines' live tracks in full effect from the two eras of the band. Come on toutes des Engines De Feu, stick up some live Win stuff for the chaps as well!

Along with Tate Modern, Godfathers 1 & 2, and beef & tomato 'flavoured' Pot Noodle, a new cultural high watermark of western civilisation has been set in the last coupla years with the creation of the BBC4 television channel. Further evidence of this was the recent documentary called Caledonia Dreaming which detailed the Scottish music scene of the last 30 years, a fine piece of televisual entertainment. For me the highlight was the old footage of Alan Horne in his Postcard heyday - truly Ecosse's answer to Andy Warhol! - there was even a sequence of his famous sock drawer from which he ran the label! All the usual suspects of the Jock-pop-scene of the last 30 years were on the hour long show - Edwin, Claire Grogan, Rankine, Del Amitri, Kapranos - and I urge alles to catch the inevitable repeat or watch on the BBC iPlayer. Its not perfect - the only nod to the entire Edinburgh scene was the inclusion of a copy of the Fire Engines' 12" single of "Candyskin" in a montage shot of a desk covered with vinyl of the era and locale, and the curious absence of anyone from before the influential Pistols / Subway Sect gigs (such as Alex Harvey, the Doctors of Madness, Nazareth, who only warranted a blink-and-you-miss-em cameo). No bleeding Blue Nile either! - I haven't felt this cheated since finding out that Colonel Abrams wasn't really a colonel! Nevertheless, essential, as was the 30 minute documentary concerning Edwyn Collins recent album and excellent post-aneurysm recovery.

Further props to BBC4 also for the 4th of March episode of The Hard Sell (number 2 of 6, entitled 'Cigarettes and Alcohol'), which included actual footage of the Tennant's lager 'Escher' advert featuring Win on the soundtrack. Again, it'll no doubt be repeated over the coming weeks.

A long overdue re-investigation on YouTube for Win material has shown up numerous examples of the advert ready for playing, some of a grainy and poor source quality, but brilliantly the best version is the full 2 minute cinema ad. I've always wondered which ad agency begat the advert and the poster Olliedann reckons its one Collett Dickenson Pearce, who've had the cream of British cinema's directors working for them at some point - Alan Parker, David Puttnam, Ridley Scott, amongst others.

Here's the links :

Long cinema version :
Best Short version :

There are some very interesting comments made at the foot of each YouTube page that I figure are worth bringing up. First up is the fact that to get the rare 3" McEwans promo CD, you had to send off can ringpulls to McEwans to get one. There is also a comment that the strange alternate world shown in the ad is based on 'The myth of Sisyphus' by philosopher Albert Camus, which used as inspiration Sisyphus, a figure from Greek mythology, who was condemned to repeat forever the same meaningless task of pushing a rock up a mountain, only to see it roll down again on the other side - a pointlessly cruel and futile occupation with zero possibility of reward or recognition. Like painting the Forth Bridge. Or being leader of the Lib Dems. Check out these links :

It also turns out that Win supported the Housemartins in 1986, which was new to me. A bientot, mes amis!


21/02/08 Ahoyahoy there, and wilkommen to the first site update of the year! First up is an exciting missive from none other than Davey Hendo himself that caused muchos excitement in Trash Icon Towers (aka my living room). It seems that his infernal majesty has had quite a read-through of the site and has some comments and observations, which I'm sure I'm at liberty to divulge : remember hombres, never namedrop - Gore Vidal told me that. Most pertinently regards the next single from the mighty Obj' : "The Sexual Objects song is called "Here Come the Rubber Cops" [not Robber]". Duely noted. Next up was regarding yet another misquoted lyric (the correct term for which is a 'mondegreen', many thanks site regular Gary McCabe for that!), over to DH : "Hollywood Baby Too - the lyric is 'found her lipstick smudged gun ,honey /pistol-whipping's fun honey'". Thence regarding some influences on the band that I'd scratched up from some promo material, errorneously it turns out : "Under the influences :the Roger we love/loved is/was Roger Troutman [not Daltrey {ever}] , recently shot dead by his brother ...don't know if you're aware of them as a band they are /were called Zapp...he also made records under the name of just plain Roger...check him out, especially 'Maxx Axe'". (As a sidenote : yeps, I remember Zapp - I'd have been about 11 or 12 when they were on summat like the Tube doing a brilliant track I think was called "Computer Love", all three coves decked out in like rhinestone-cowboy pimps, all stetsons and white jumpsuits with Disco Stu beading. Kraftwerk meets Frampton sorta vibe).

And finally, regarding the "which witch is which?" confusion of yours truly regarding the diffo twixt Msrs Perry and Smeeton, the big man offers this handy guide : "Willie Perry has black hair. S.Boyd Smeeton's is blonde". Another one of life's mysteries cleared up. Truck on you crazy diamond!

Next up, a real find, the actual '0/10 outta 10' review of "Freaky Trigger" by Stuart Maconie in the NME all them years ago. Many many thanks to Aberdeenshire's own Alex Kerr who kindly sourced, scanned and uploaded this long sought article. I've added it to the Trigger Happy section - great band photo shot too, of all six characters, and as an added bonus, there's an advert for the album too in the following week's NME. And finally, a shout out for the truly excellent new series on BBC4 called 'The Art Of Spain' - recalling the influence on Rusty Burns' and the gang's work by the likes of Bunuel, Dali et al, you might wanna see what the fuss was about. Laters!

17/12/07 Every generation has their Matt Bianco moment - that is, the first time they experience weapons-grade obscenities over the radio or television before the watershed. If you're a little older than me, then for you such a moment would be best described as a Bill Grundy moment, wherein the Sex Pistols, live on future lowest-common-denominator advertainment-pusher ITV, unleashed a torrent of vernacular at the oafish presenter : Steve Jones' wonderful, almost Dickensian "you dirty fucking rotter!" being the choicest viand from that particular sitting. The following morning at school or work, its the only thing that's worth talking about. For me, it was the latino-fueled dance rhythms of pop combo Matt Bianco on the phone-in on BBC kids' programme Saturday Superstore, circa 1984 : "Hello? Is that Matt Bianco? I justed wanted to call .... to say what a wanker you are!". For me, a thrilling point of my life, even though there was, as is the case of the band Danny Wilson, no-one actually in said troupe that was called Matt Bianco!

Why am I regaling y'all with such perjorative nostalgia? Because, maybe, just maybe, a coupla weeks ago, a young musical afficionado might have had their own sweary Epiphany whilst tuning into the Sexual Objects session on Marc Riley's BBC4 radio show. Wherein a clearly refreshed Davey Henderson, in response to Riley's observation that "home taping is killing music", offered up "its fucking killing me!". Cue much hilarity and a really half-arsed and quickly abandoned attempt at an apology by the ex-Fall bass-slinger.

Hendo was on fine form, releasing across the whole interview a number of bizarre stream-of-conciousness gobbets, from which it was possible to glean some basic facts. First up was what had actually happened to the Nectarine No.9 - it seems they are no longer on operational duties, being split up because they were never paid by Beggars Banquet (who I believe DH referred to at one point as Fray Bentos!), and because its possible to produce quicker a string of individual singles rather than an album; in support of this latter statement, Davey said that the last Obj' A and B side took 2 weeks as opposed to the 2.5 years it took to finish the "I Love Total Destruction" album - "our best", in his opinion. It also appears that Simon Smeeton is in the Obj' too, and Marc pointed out that there was only one member difference twixt the Sexual Objects and the 9. When the affable Man City fan pointed out that he couldn't count how many bands Davey was currently a member of, Davey then reeled off a roster of acts he was in, some of which were clearly made up! Hairy Billy was one that he was adamant he was working with! Riley also made the same observation as I have previously of the dangers of typing the band's name into a search engine looking for links; all manner of mucky stuff I'd wager!

The SO played a decent set of all the new material and revealed that the next single will be "Here Come The Robber Cops" - described by Davey as "Frampton meets Hall & Oates". Yuk yuk yuk, can't wait! That's me offski chaps, and seeing as this is probably the last post of 2007, I'll take this oppo to have a merry Crimbo one and all!


01/11/07 Its update-time again, Winfriends! And its about time too - 'fraid I've been having some further tests 'dans l'hopital' recently and just this week a load of major league nasties have been thankfully ruled out (which was nice!), and the whole shebang has left me reet fatigued ('chronic lazyitis' reckons a pal of mine, the shit). Anyhoo, there's been oodles of Sexual Objects activity recently, and its our man with the messianic initials John Caples that's again come up with the goods. Firstly, he writes that the Sexual Objects are live on Marc Riley this Friday 2nd November - and just to add that it starts at 7PM toot sweet; maybe it'll possibly to use the BBC Player to listen to it later? Here's a link to Riley's BBC webpage :

A coupla weeks hence JC had gleaned that there's a new Fire Engines compilation coming out, called Hungry Beat. "Here's the news item from Pitchfork about Hungry Beat:

Saw a few online photos of the band from the Connect Festival. There seems to be a glimmer of a possibility that they'll play a few dates (maybe the US) to promote Hungry Beat". .... so, if you don't have a copy of "Fond" on CD (or lack the several hundred quid some chancers expect you to cough up for a copy on Ebay) then now's yer chance! Act with alacrity! Then he wrote a little later : "Connect Festival review link, scroll down for Fire Engines pics and brief review".

It seems that the Obj' have been getting some airplay by BBC 6 already and have already appeared on Riley's show : "Marc Riley's been playing the Sexual Objects' Merrie England A-side a bunch. Built on the riff from the Velvet's Temptation Inside Your Heart (which the Nectarine No. 9 cover)". .... interesting to note that the 9 did covers as had Win before them. And finally our man in the know comes back with : "Sexual Objects' second single Merrie England/Demonstration coming out this month on Hamburg label Aufgeladen und Bereit ("Loaded and Ready"). The single is available in brown vinyl, no other formats. The A-Side of the single is called Merrie England, whilst the B-side is called Demonstration. The label, much like Hamburg's Marina, is Scot-centric. .... (it) can be heard here:

Merrie England is subtitled on the 45 as Merrie England (I Love The Teenage George) [whatever the hell that means], and is quite possibly the only pop song you'll ever hear that namechecks Christopher Wren". Challenge accepted JC! Can anyone think of another reference to the man? Best I can do is Bowie's "Thru' These Architects Eyes", which mentions Richard Rogers, amongst others. I reckons the 'Teenage George' refers to the monarch at the time that Wren was knocking up his first plans for loft extensions.

... and finally, that rarest of commodities, some actual Win info! Colin Noble from Glasgow has sent in a picture of his signed copy of the first album, with the following story : "I was obsessed with Win for most of the late eighties but never got a chance to see them live. The closest I got was travelling all the way from Helensburgh where I lived with my parents at the time to Edinburgh to attend a signing at Virgin on Princess St. All I can remember about it was that Russell, Ian and Davy were there, all three wearing matching suits of the type Chairman Mao was normally seen in. I had a brief chat with all of them but to be honest I was 15 and probably a bit star struck. (They looked incredibly cool, or so I thought)". ... and if you check the photos, you can see that its one of those blue-colourised sleevesa of the first LP, which has got me quixotically excited! I'll try and secure a copy off Ebay to see if there's ought diffo twixt this azure-hued variant and the normal LP. And look what Davey had written on Col's copy : Mind The Gravy. Hrr hrr, splendid stuff!

..... and then Colin seals the deal with this horrid observation about the poster that came with some copies of the LP, that'd put Hieronymous Bosch off his Coco Pops : "Thankfully my parents never spotted the vibrator in the picture - they'd have been horrified!". What?! Was there really one in the shot?! Jesus Jones, I disnae dare go lookski! Laters, hombres!


24/08/07 Time for a minor update, chaps. First up is a change of email address for the website, which is now : iconic-trash .... at .... The old one still works but with BT involved God knows when that'll be finally closed. This month's major shout-out goes to Michael Shine for the generous gift of a copy of the ultra-rare NME Tapeworm cassette, which included the possibly unique track of "Unamerican Broadcasting (NME Mix)". Sadly, after many listens, it appears to be identical to the "Unamerican Broadcasting (7" Edit)" B-side on the 7" and 12" versions (SWPP8 and SWXX8) of "You've Got The Power", and so is not a unique track. Head over to the "Charms Of Powerful Trouble" section for a complete write-up - note that the Tapeworm and Record Mirror cassette write-ups have been moved from the "Baby Cuttings" section to the "Charms Of Powerful Section".

Another big-up goes out to Dave M who dropped me a line about as a DJ in a 80s music bar in North Yorkshire, he now includes "You've Got The Power" in his live set; a fine choice of floor-filler there fella! Anyone else heard any Win choonz recently whilst oot on the toon?

Those fine fellows over at Jock N Roll have sadly wound up their greatest Scottish album of all time survey a bit early due to technical difficulties, but have posted up the final results such as they are. Surprisingly enough, there was no Win or Fire Engines material in the top 100, though there were some biffo choices made by the public, with the top spot going to Big Country's "The Crossing" - it's the bagpipes-as-guitars isn't it wot does it! Lots to keep yours truly happy - Blue Nile, the Minds, Edwyn. Top of the pants pops went to Texas' "White On Blonde". She's a fine-looking piece is Spiteri, and the whole band come across in interviews as decent sorts, but Jesus Jones I loathe their music and especially the singles off this particular album - didn't they hook up with Method Man for one track? So, no Win, Fire Engines, nor nada Nine, but the Scars are in the mix which is as close as it gets to our thing.

And here's a snippet that turned up in an old NME article recently : that between playing in the Fire Engines and Win, Russel Burns ".... was playing percussion on a freelance basis". Anyone any ideas who he might have been doing some work for? Presumably the author was not just referring to Everest The Hard Way, of which he was a full-time member.

Still no word on the 2nd Sexual Objects single and any new product from Rusty's Stac Lee project - you hear ought, you mail me! Laters honchos.


06/06/07 Welcome to the new home of Trash Icons! Man, what a palaver it's all been, but now the switch has been made and this should be the base of ops for the next few years. Lots of updates, so here goes .... :

"It was 20 years ago today ....". Except that it wasn't anything to do with Sgt Pepper and neither was it from today, but rather it was 20 years ago last month that "Uh! Tears Baby (A Trash Icon)" was first released. Your correspondent was 19 years old at the time, half my lifetime ago exactament. Urk, I feel old.

Since its inception, Trash Icons has had correspondance from all over the UK, and even from the occasional character in the US, but this week I received word from Valeria Benetti from Beunos Aires in Argentina, who writes with rememberances of the "Super Popoid Groove" video ..... : "I remember just a (bit of it), maybe some heads rolling, singing the chorus". He continues : "I got into Win 20 years ago (I was 15 at that time) and I remember the (SPG video) was on a national videos' channel all the time". Gracias muchaco, and for anyone else outside the UK, drop me a line and let me know where you're from and how you got into the band.

..... and John Caples has come back for the second week on the trot with some newsworthy nuggets regarding DH's and RB's new projects, and a new 7" involving none other than NN9 accomplice Jock Scott : "I thought The Sexual Objects were his new vehicle, but I've been assured it's just a side project to the NN9. The second single, Merry England, is due out later this spring (maybe?). Russell Burn's MySpace page ( now has a video clip of Stac Lee live posted on it. Some great underpromoted stuff l've heard coming out on Creeping Bent as part of their Black Label Pocket Radiodrops singles club lately (available as 7"s and downloads, of which "Full Penetration" is the second of): Port Sulphur featuring Jock Scot and Gareth Sager covering The Sensational Alex Harvey Band classic The Faith Healer (which was supposed to be part of an EP called Alex Discord, with a cover of The Fire Engines' Discord and a DJ mash-up of both called Alex Discord), and Future Pilot AKA featuring Scots author/illustrator Alasdair Gray covering Sun Ra's Nuclear War (could only find this on, but it's worth checking out)".

Thanks JC, great stuff. I might also recommend another cover of "The Faith Healer" by Recoil, the side project of ex-Depeche Mode Alan Moulder with Doug from Nitzer Ebb on vocals. I finally got to listen to the new single by Obj' - well worth a download, stereotypically Hendersonesque but a bit more poppy than the more recent Nectarine No.9 stuff. Just be careful of the sort of sites thrown up by typing "sexual objects full penetration" into Google!

In the Charms Of Powerful Trouble section, I've finally completed the entry for the 12" promo for "Unamerican Broadcasting", and have transcribed both the Alan Horne-penned promo sheet (with phasers typically set to hyperbole!) and that done presumably by the Cartel, plus a scan of the unusual cover. More periodicals have come to light in recent months and have been added to the magazine list.

Many thanks to Andy McLaren again for the copy of the NME he sent me complete with an interview with the band back in the day in 1985, which has been transcribed and the various quotes will be dropped in across the website; however, there are some great passages about the band's formation (and about the role of the play "Confessions Of A Justified Striker" which played a part in this formation, although these are at odds with a comment that I've come across from some other interview which goes : "Contrary to popular belief, Win did not form to provide the music to a play called "Confessions of a Justified Striker", having been in existence for several months before that". Anyone, any ideas as to which version of events is true?) which I figured were worth adding in a truncated form; go over to the Trigger Happy section for a look-see. And check this out for a serendipity - Andy included some photocopies of press cuttings that were bundled with an LP of the first album he'd unearthed at a local record shop. "Don't know if you've seen them before", he wrote. Well I had, cos it turns out that he stumbled across the ultra-rare promo pack of "Uh! Tears Baby (A Trash Icon)" (detailed in the Charms Of Powerful Trouble section) that was sadly missing the cardboard holder but did include the A4 glossy photograph. What a find!

David Motion has a page on MySpace, complete with music and a detailed biog. He's also sent a fantastic picture to the Win MySpace website which is in the Trigger Happy section that you've just got to see! Anyways, here's the link to the MySpace site :

.... and finally, again in the Trigger Happy section, I've written a short article entitled "Tonight Matthew I'm going to be Simon Smeeton", in lament of my apparent inability, despite much effort, to tell the difference between Simon Smeeton and Will Perry. Any help with this matter would be reet appreciated. Later, hombres!


25/04/07 OK, first up hombres, just a quick note that I'm having existential Kafkaesque difficulties convincing my broadband supplier that I actually exist and would they mind ever so much sending me a bill at some point before I'm cut off. So, if you ever visit Trash Icons in the future and its not there, then tootle off to the Wikipedia entry for Win or to the MySpace page for whatever the new address might be. New material from Davey Henderson and Russel Burn is the pipeline - many thanks to John Caples who brought this to my attention : "..... mention Davy's new single under the name The Sexual Objects. Probably the closest thing to Win he's done in years. On Creeping Bent, called Full Penetration. Acute in the US will be reissuing all the studio Fire Engines later this year on a comp called Hungry Beat. Also, there's a Rusell Burn/Malcolm Ross thing in the works, called Stac Lee, to come out on Re-Action sometime".

I've had a search and come up with the following link about this, which also mentions a forthcoming second single too :

It seems that the Obj' has been around for a little time as they did a gig back in June last year :

The Creeping Bent site also said that the Fire Engines had appeared on TOTP2 performing "Big Gold Dream" back in late March, so keep an eye out for it being repeated. Here's links to an article on Davey and an old 'new' interview from last year with the fella about the Engines :

..... and finally, the chaps at Jock N Roll have finished their massive poll on the greatest Scottish single of all time. Win showed up at a respectable 75 in the top 100 with "You've Got The Power". The Fire Engines "Get Up And Use Me" was at 60, and "Candyskin" wound up at 71. The winner was the Associates "Party Fears Two" which was appropriate seeing as it was just t'other month the 10th anniversary since Bill M's passing. But their work is not yet complete for the JNR team has kicked off with the great Scottish album survey - you know what you have to do, so lets move with a purpose people!


14/03/07 It's-a me, Freaky Trigger! First up, yes, further up this page is a picture of yours truly, and if you think that this is horrific enough to put H P Lovecraft off his Frosties, then just consider I could have not gone for the 'homage' but rather a full-on 'reproduction' of the YGTP 12" frontcover! The horror, the horror ..... . I've also added a new section - Trigger Happy - wherein I'll collate a number of essays and random thoughts that relate to the band and its offshoots, and anything of that ilk that you lot send so get scribbling - relaxomundo, its not another facet of the dreaded Blogosphere (wasn't that an event off Gladiators?!). The link is below with all the other chapter headings. And finally, I've just received from Andy McLaren (cheers again, fella!) a copy of the Alan Horne-penned promo sheet from the 12" of "Unamerican Broadcasting" which I'll be transcribing shortly.


05/03/07 Now this is fantastic news indeedski. Long term peruser of Trash Icons and all-round good egg Eddie Grady has produced a fantastic webpage for Win on MySpace, and here's the address : . I strongly urge everybody to go there and look at the splendid work he's done in the pages creation, uploading several tracks and the McEwans ad. Already Ian Stoddart and David Motion have linked up to it so if you've yer own MySpace page then help Eddie oot - and who knows where it might all end up. (.... and why haven't I done one before? Well ... 1) I couldn't be arsed and ... 2) I have more than a little issue with Myspace's Australian-American owner and his unbenign influence on British politics over the last 25 years - not for nowt am I called Red Mick! Only recently did he try to reduce me to the role of Faust, suddenly opening up all his movie and footy channels for free for a month on my Freesat satellite dish, reet tempting it was too comrades but I perservered ...... ). Oh, and did anybody see the Scars on TOTP2 last weekend? According to the pithy piss-taking comments from one of Wrighty's sycophantic gang, the first album has been rereleased on CD. Yet another Edinburgh act in the last coupla years to offer up choice postpunk cuts from yesteryear, along with the Fire Engines, Josef K, and the entire Associates back catelogue. Come on London Records, pull yer finger oot and give us what we want!


17/01/07 : Hmm I've been a bit lax recemment updating the site - apologies aboot that! Before I do any kind of formal update, a number of you have been mailing me with tales of yer own Win experiences from back in the day - many thanks for those. The hit rate has stayed at a steady 500 - 700 hits a week which is pretty respectable.

First up was a mail from Patrick Clarke at the arse-end of November : "Recently I bought an album by the Danish group Gangway, it was released in 1988 and produced by David Motion. There is a track which sounds as though it could be a track from Uh Tears Baby". The track was called "Violence, Easter And Christmas" and as Patrick says, its spookily Win-ish in its execution. Some of their stuff is up on iTunes, but not this particular track (originally off the album "The Twist", but rerecorded and put out on the compilation "Sitting In The Park Again"). Hah hah! Checking out their entry on Wikipedia, I came across this quote : "They are also known for their strange and subtle lyrics that are often on the verge of surrealism". Sounds vaguely familiar ... .

Next up is a plug for the chaps at Go vote for your top 10 favourite and 1 worst Scottish singles of all time! Here's mine :

Greatest Scottish single : Win - "You've Got The Power"
Blue Nile - "Tinseltown In The Rain"
Simple Minds - "I Travel" : before the lure of the world's stadia (and pies) became too tempting, Jim Kerr's travelogues through collapsing mittel-European oligarchies resulted in this perfect single.
Associates - "Club Country"
Orange Juice - "Rip It Up"
Edwyn Collins - "Pied Piper Of Love"
Franz Ferdinand - "Take Me Out"
Hipsway - "Ask The Lord"
The Skids - "Working For The Yankee Dollar" : heh heh remember the Maxell Tape ad with the bloke doing a Dylan homage with misheard lyrics written on card sheets that he dropped as the "Into The Valley" was played? "Into the valley, peas sure sound divine, soldiers go marching, there's masses of lamb, ahoy ahoy! Len see a sty!"
Nectarine No.9 - "End Of Definition" : if Tarantino ever hears this slice of seditious voodoobeat, it'll be in the next film

And the worst single? : I am happy to announce that I was not alone in my condemnation of Sandi Thom's "I Wish I Was A Punkrocker". Jesus Jones, it's like the Subway Sect never existed!

Many thanks to Gary McCabe for some offline debate on the background on the inspiration for "Shampoo Tears". His opinion was that my original take on the chorus (from the website : "...whose catchy pop chorus terminates in the frankly baffling "there's no protection in sugar spears") was incorrect : " ... it should be : "there's no protection in sugar SPHERES". The song, of course, being about the drug industry, animal testing in particular (ever seen a photo of a rabbit with Alberto VO5 in its eyes? Shampoo Tears, my good friend). Sugar Spheres are, of course, a critical element in our drug industry (go here:". From this website, it says that Sugar Spheres : "... are used as critical excipients for controlled or sustained release drug delivery technologies. Sugar spheres are inert pellets composed by sucrose and maize starch". One quick listen again and I'm persuaded to his take (obviously the pharma link was also a revelation), despite the lyrics to the song being printed in an old Smash Hits (which are in the Baby Cuttings section) - I also think that DH mentioned something about the shape of the old Vosene shampoo bottle with its distinctive tear shape being an influence. Nice work there G.

There's been a lot of Win goodies on Ebay recently - quite a few of the blue coloured LPs of the first album, which I'll have to get me one, a Townhouse cassette promo of the "Freaky Trigger" album and finally a bog standard non-promo 7" of "Love Units". Don't you go bidding on it you lot!

... and finally Eddie Grady in Dundee (home of cake!) wrote : "Have you noticed in the picture at the bottom of your front page, how much Davey looks like John Terry of Chelsea FC? The resemblance is striking!" Heh heh, good call Ed on the similarity to the pivotal backfour PES-plugging defender, and I'll also add that the Stod is a dead ringer for ABC's saxophonist Stephen Singleton. Pip pip, hombres!


28/10/06 : Celebrity endorsements usually provoke the more negative emotions, varying from the hypocritical (teetotal Boltonite 'funny man' Peter Kay taking the coin for plugging bitter) to the downright dissappointing (Madness' Suggs, the Ray Davis of the 80s with his humourous and bittersweet vignettes of English life, reduced to parroting the phrase 'quote me happy' at the behest of an insurance company). However, I recently received a nice email from none other than Ian Stoddart, appreciating the work that'd gone into Trash Icons and also saying that Rusty Burns and Paul Haig were also site visitors. So relaxamundo safe in the knowledge that in Trash Icons you're reading material approved by big hitters of the Edinburgh scene! (Yes I did put to the Stod' a couple of Qs (the origin of Everest's cognomen, and about the 3rd Win album) but he remained elusive on the subjects - so it goes I guess-ski). He did also reveal that he's still in contact with not only Russel B, but also keyboard sessioner Karl Mariner (who's on the first album) and Mani Shoniwa too. Visit Ian's MySpace site (under the name : i Stod) to see what he's been doing in recent times. Danger, Will Robinson! It's a bit busy looking and bright, so watch oot for yer retinas!

So, to recent updates. First up is the addition of the "Super Popoid Grooves" bootleg to the bottom of the Charms Of Powerful Trouble page, which includes a brand new Win track - go scurry and see in breathless wonderment, pilgrim! I also recently asked an 80s (predominately US) music forum that I post to whether anyone had heard of Win, with an eye for finding out about any new foreign releases. A bloke in the Phillipines came back with this :

"I also remember WIN's "YOU'VE GOT THE POWER". It was released here locally on MANILA during the NEW WAVE HEYDAYS which was included on our LOCAL VINYL COMPILATION called "THIRD WAVE". I remember also hearing the song at DZBM POWER105. It's a good song!"

Interesting stuff, I'll have to see if this is readily available. Here's a couple of quotes from another coupla American geezers :

"The only song I remember from Win is Super Popoid Groove. KROQ used to play it frequently (for about a month or two), and then nothing more was heard by them".

... and another bloke in the US wrote : " "Shampoo Tears" was played often on BM-105 in the Philippines as well".

You gotta figure that there would be some US promo material out there, possibly using the "US Dance Mix" of YGTP. ..... and finally I can announce that two weeks ago, Trash Icons received over 1700 hits in one week, smashing the average. It fair brought a lump to this old postpunkers' throat! Many thanks again to those that are spreading the word, its truly appreciated.

23/09/06 Just the one update this week, muchacos, but it's a tasty! I'll pulled my finger out and done a write up of the "Uh! Tears Baby (A Trash Icon)" LP promo and press pack. Head over to the Charms Of Powerful Trouble section for more info.
04/09/06 There are a number of minor additions in this update. First up are two forum postings I've come across, one for a concert of unknown date (found at the end of the 'Chewing Gum For The Ears' page, 'Gigs Of Unknown Date' section), t'other for the Barrowlands gig in late '88 (the same 'Chewing Gum For The Ears' page, end of the '1988' section). From the same forum there is a nice piece concerning Stuart Maconie's review of the "Freaky Trigger" album in the NME (added to the 'Unamerican Broadcastings' webpage, at the end of the "Freaky Trigger" section). I've also added an excellent reminiscence by Roddy Kennedy from Aberdeen (the most radioactive city in the world, Caesium-128 fact fans, thanks to the bedrock of granite it sits on. Want to get up with a glow? Then forget the Ready Brek, and move to the Granite City!) of a Win gig that took place in his hometown - many thanks again Rodders! (found on the 'Chewing Gum For The Ears' page, '1987' section). Though a fan of the super popoid sextet, Rod wasn't too impressed with their show and it occurs to me rereading through the reviews section that the gigs were mercurially just as likely to be an uninspiring trawl through the back catalogue as they were to be an incendiary sonic experience.
29/07/06 First up, apologies for the delay in the next update - I've some stuff I've come across concerning people's experiences of Win gigs, the "Super Popoid Grooves" bootleg and other such ephemera that I keep meaning to write up, plus take and upload the second load of discography pictures. Many thanks to those who have mailed since the site launched - its getting about 1200+ hits every month which is pretty good - many thanks again to those that have made use of Trash Icons and to those fine characters who have spread the word to other Win afficionados. This site doesn't have a forum but I can recommend Martin Kielty's Big Noise website forum for all your Scots music needs, and maybes you can give the big man a hand with his next book on the Scots music scene. You'll find me there under the moniker "Freaky Trigger". The forum address is : ... and the main Big Noise website can be found at :
15/05/06 The McEwans ad in downloadable format!; Davey Henderson in 'piece on jam' butty shocker!; Fire Engines gig at the Triptych festival; photos from the Fire Engines' Optimo gig last year; link to a new Pop : Aural and Fast Product site; further Win articles unearthed in old music mags; new photos of my vinyl collection; Engines and Win-related stuff on and; minor updates throughout the site
25/04/06 Site launched!

Win : Why?

The aim of this archive is to provide a comprehensive discography and detailed history of the band that collectors can consult for reference purposes. Of course, just when you think that you’ve scoured the globe and secured all the ‘product’ that you ever thought was issued by a band, along comes a promo for a limited edition Bolivian triple 7” singles (with presspack and obi strip) on Ebay. So, if you yourself see a choice Win trash icon missing from the tip that is this discog, then drop me a line. I’ve also attempted to add all manner of extraneous information picked up down the years and from toiling away at t’web’s coalface, and, of course, as much as possible about that advert. Again, if you see something missing, then let me know (my email address can be found here : ). Yes, it all looks a bit 'knob' at the moment - I've had to teach myself HTML and have written the entire thing by hand so this isn't entirely unexpected, and a lot of the discography pictures look frankly piss-stained due to the yellow walls of our living room and ambient lighting, but I'm working on adding such aesthetic finery over the next few months, and be assured of the effort that has already gone into collating this potted history of this fine band (150+ hours so far, with the source doc now at 60 pages in length).

Please note that there are a number of scanned photos throughout this archive (particularly in the "Once Upon A Babylon" section) which are of quite a size (50Kb - 250Kb each, although I've trimmed them down to the bare bones to reduce file sizes) and will be almost impossible to download if you're accessing this website using dial-up; I'm assuming that the majority of visitors have got broadband or are loafing at work under the radar of their local Central Scrutiniser. If there's a demand for text-only pages then I'll whip some up.