Anil Passi
Welcome to Anil Passi’s Website
I am an independent Oracle Applications 11i consultant with over 9yrs of experience.
I specialise in techno-functional design & development of extensions in Oracle Apps 11i.
My key technology skills are Oracle Workflow, Self Service JRAD Framework,
Oracle Forms, Reports, JDeveloper, Interfaces, Java, Servlets, XML etc.
My experience in Oracle 11i spans across HR, Self Service HR, Oracle Payroll, iProcurement,
Order Management/Entry, Treasury Management, Oracle Student System, Customer Relation Management,
Time Management/Labor, General Ledger, Receivables, Grants, Projects, Payables, Inventory etc.
I would like to share some of my design & development work with Oracle Applications community. 
I will keep adding more information to this page on onging basis. 


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Anil Passi (Technical Oracle Applications Consultant) Resume

Anil has over nine years Oracle Consulting experience. Anil has worked as a consultant with two of the big 5consultancies for three years. Anil has in-depth technical knowledge of Oracle Applications in Release 11i /11/10.7, together with good functional knowledge. Anil has worked on all the aspects of Oracle Applications. Anil has designed and developed various critical business processes(Forms, Reports, Interfaces & Workflows) for different clients across the globe in a very efficient manner without compromising with the Quality. Anil has designed,  developed & customised over 50 Forms, 100 Reports, 30 Interfaces,15 Workflows, 50Web Screens & JRAD Self Service Framework in Oracle Applications


Experience Summary

·         Oracle Design & Development Experience              ::   9  Years

·         Oracle Applications (Financials, HR, CRM & Manufacturing)::   7  Years

Release 11i                                              ::   3.5    Years

Release 11.02/03                                     ::   2    Years

                          10.7/10.6 (Character & SC)                    ::   1.5 Years


Oracle Application Modules

Oracle HRMS/ SSHR/Time Mgmt/OTL                      Oracle Payroll/Labor Distrbution

Oracle Order Entry/Management                                Oracle Grants Management/Projects Accounting

Oracle iProcurement /Purchasing/Payables                 O racle Receivables/Cash Mgmt/Treasury        

Oracle CRM(Spares Mgmt, TeleServ, UWQ)             Oracle Workflow / Oracle Exchange

Oracle BOM/WIP/MRP                                             Oracle General Ledger

Oracle Inventory                                                         Oracle Student Systems


Primary Skills

Oracle Forms 9i/6i/4.5/2.3                                          Oracle Workflows 2.5 & 2.6

PL/SQL                                                                     ORACLE Reports 6.i /3.0/2.5/2.0 & Discoverer        

Java, Java Concurrent Programs, JDBC, XML            Jdeveloper 9.0.3, Eclipse, J2EE         

SQL*Loader, Pro*C                                                   Unix Shell Scripts

MS ASP, SQL*Server                                               XML


Secondary Skills

JSP                                                                       Servlets

Designer 2000                                                        Forms 3.0 / Forms 2.3



Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering- First Class with Distinction(Honors), Bombay University , India .


Operating Systems

Unix Release11, Sun Solaris 5.4, Ms Dos V 6.22, Windows NT/95/98/2K, Novell Netware 4.0.


Contact Information

          Desk                  : +44(0)2075947217

          Email                  :





1) March 2003 – Ongoing  (London Imperial College )

Imperial college was on 11.5.7 when I joined their project. I initially joined the project to implement and customize iProcurement using Oracle Exchange. I was initially the sole Tech consultant who carried out all Self Service HR & iProcurement customizations. Also worked on Receivables, Purchasing, General Ledger, Human Resource, Payroll, OSS , GMS, PA, LD &  XML Messaging. Upgraded customizations in iProcurement, Receivables, HR/Payroll to 11.5.9

Oracle Payroll, Labor Distribution (Payroll Functional/Technical Support & Development)

§           Resolved various critical Payroll Costing, Element Design, Balances, Fast Formula Design & Statutory issues.

§           Developed Fast Formulas, balances for new Tax year rules. Enabled WNU & P6 EDI with Inland Revenue.

§           Developed script to resolve issues for discrepancy betwn Gross To Net & P35. Resolved various HR security issues

§           Designed element links, developed fast formulaes for recovery of Statutory elements like SPP, SPA etc.

§           Designed and developed discoverer reports for Costing via Labor Distribution. The costing reports would collate data from a combination of Oracle Labor Distribution, Payroll and Grants with POETA details.

§           Developed process to transfer Payroll Element Entry Values from non-standard Element Links to Standard Links.

Oracle Grants Accounting & Oracle Project Accounting

§           Designed & developed process to migrate Purchasing Encumbrances into Grants.All open POs were re-encumbered

§           Designed & developed process to integrate Awards and Projects from Proposal System into Oracle Grants & PA.

§           Developed various SQL’s for Auto-Accounting rules. Trouble shooted and fixed various invoicing issues in Grants

§           Developed scripts to reconcile legacy  data with migrated data.Reconciliation scripts for setups were also developed

§           Various customizations to integrate iProcurement and Purchasing with Oracle Grants.

Oracle Human Resources & Self Service - SSHR Version 4.2.1 & SSHR 5.1)

§           Configured SSHR Personalizations, customized Self Service Personal Details screen & various different SIT’s.

§           Customized the core Self Service HR Workflow to implement various different business requirements.

§           Defined DFF’s to overcome limitations in SSHR and used SSHR Workflow to synchronise DFF’s with data entities

§           Designed/developed a HESA extract from HR/Payroll, to report salary/employee details to University Authorities.

§           Migrated data from SIT’s to Self Service qualification screen. Customised self service screen UIX XML files &  

Java files tomeet university legislative requirements. These changes were done on JRAD Framework 5.7V4 Rollup

Oracle iProcurement, Receivables, Payables  & Oracle Grants/Project Management

§                     Customized “PO Doc creation workflow”, “PO Approval & Requisition Approval Workflow” for iProcurement.

§                     Configured various SelfService screens in iProcurement, using AK Developer & XML Templates. Created various LOV Regions, Descriptive Flex Fields using AK Framework, customised POR_CUSTOM_PKG for validations.

§                     Enabled supplier punchouts using Oracle Exchange to enable XML/cXML messaging. Helped suppliers resolve problems with cXML messages/encoding. Enabled PO_007 outbound messages via exchange for suppliers

§           Developed programs to create Approved Contract PO’s, customized PO Print report for XML related changes.

§           Negotiated OAG XML PO_007 & response BOD documents with various suppliers for seemless B2B integration.

§           Developed Workflow for Customer Interface using TCA V2 API’s. Various other interfaces using TCA API’s.

§           Integrated Grants Management with iProcurement. Designed/developed Payables/GMS account generator workflow

Oracle Student System

§           I was responsible for migrating  Students, program attempts,unit sets, unit attempts, research details, exam details, progressions, unit outcomes, previous education details into OSS from their legacy system using Oracle API’s.

§           Various different design/development of customizations for Student System using CUSTOM.pll & Personalizations


2) January 2002 – March 2003(Swiss Reinsurance)

Swiss Re is the second largest Re-Insurance Company. This project involved Global 11i(11.5.8) Implementation of various Financial Modules i.e. Oracle Treasury, Cash Mgmt, Payables, Receivables, HR and General Ledger. My role was that of a hybrid Function+Technical Consultant. I configured workflows mailer, laid specifications for workflow security. Traveled to Europe and USA for meetings with business analysts, users and technical teams of other projects.

§           Developed interface using JAVA to interface SWIFT network for incoming MT messages into Cash Management

§           Designed & developed Payables invoice interface & General Ledger interface using SAX parser in XML + Java.

§         Interface Of Market Feed for FX Rates, Interest rates and option values to support daily treasury operations.

§         Functional & tech Design of Payables Invoice approval Workflow. Developed workflow prototype for workshops

§         Functional/tech design & development of workflow process to streamline approval of intercompany FX transactions.

§         Implemented Java Concurrent Program to parse the CSV files. This was implemented using string tokenizer in Java.

§         Interfaced receipts into Oracle Receivables using new ‘Receipts API’, a method more efficient than Lockboxes.

§         Designed an External Forecast Process to integrate cash movements from investment system into Oracle Cash Mgmt

§         Designed/developed generic workflow notification API, hence reducing development time for many team members.

§         Migrated employees into Shared HR tables to support expense invoice processing in Payables.


3) October 2000 – December 2001(Oracle Consulting UK , As an independent contractor to Oracle UK )

 a) August 2001 – January 2002(Oracle Consulting UK )

 Release 11i Implementation of Oracle HRMS, Oracle Payroll and Oracle Time Management/OTL for Ladbrokes.

§         Designed and developed a bespoke TimeSheet Entry Form using Forms 6i. This complex screen uses Oracle Time          

      Management tables, Payroll Elements, Oracle Time Labour timecard entry API’s. All the time information 

      was captured using Oracle Payroll Elements. The screen also displayed various user defined Employee Balances.

§         Designed and Developed Payroll Accounting interface to distribute Labor Costs across various cost centers in           

      Oracle Payroll. The costing file was sent by Rebus, which was apportioned across to Cost Centres & Payroll          

      Elements using Oracle Element Entry API's. Over 1 Million transactions were processed using this each month.

§         Developed a bespoke process to interface selected element entries from BEE, so as to update Payroll Balances.

§         Developed Reports to reconcile Oracle with Rebus, created Form showing employees breaching EWT Directive.

§         Developed FastFormula in Oracle Payroll to transfer values from one payroll balance to another.


b) June 2001 - August 2001(Oracle Consulting UK )

Oracle run project to implement complete suite of 11i CRM along with Core Financials/ OMfor Ikon UK

§           Developed processes to automate creation of Purchase Orders when field engineers placed a requisition at call center. Developed process to place reservations against Sales Orders when the goods were received in inventory. This process involved integrating CRM Spare Module, PO and OM modules in Oracle.

§         Automated Customer call scheduler process to interface outstanding payments in Call Center Agents diary.

§         Customized AR Invoice print report, AR statement report. These reports were developed in Bitmap format.


c) October 2000 - May 2001(Oracle Consulting UK )

An Oracle run project to design and build a bespoke Hire and Sales application for SGB, an international scaffolding company. This application has been built to Oracle Applications Release 11.03 standards and is heavily reliant on the standard OE, AR, INV, GL, and FA. I designed and developed numerous Forms, PL*SQL packages/API’s and reports

§         Designed & developed a mini CRM module for Customer Care in Oracle Receivables. This included          development of bespoke Receivables workbench form. Also developed Screens for Open/Closed AR Items, Quick          Dispute Creation, Dispute History/Resolution, Quick Customer Calls, and Turnover for each of the past 24months.          This bespoke Receivables workbench was integrated with standard Aging, Customer, Dunning and Receivables          Account Overview screens. CUSTOM.pll was used extensively to integrate bespoke screens with other AR screens.

§         Developed a report for the Receivables Customer Care module to print all AR open/closed items for a customer.

§         Developed returns module for bespoke Hire Management software and interfaced to Inventory & Receivables.         

§         Developed various screens like Returns Workbench, Over Returns, Charge for Damage, Hire Job Adjustments.

§         Developed Order Import API to import Sales Orders from Hire Sales screen into standard Oracle Order Entry.

§         Developed a PL/SQL interface to import Customer Contacts from Hire Sales screen into AR, using open interface.


4) March 1998- October 2000(Electronic Arts UK )

As an Oracle Applications Techno-Functional consultant played a crucial role in Release 11.02 APPS implementations for Electronic Arts in their Pan-European implementations. Responsible for Customizing/Creating various forms, extensively customising & developing various OE, INV & AR Reports, designed/developed various interfaces & extracts in AR, INV, OE, AP. Worked on around 30 Reports, 15 Forms & 15 Interfaces in Oracle Financials. Anderson ’s Consulting managed these implementations. Successfully completed following tasks at Electronic Arts-UK

November 1999 - October 2000

Release 11.03 implementation for EA Switzerland

§         Design & development of module for managing customer subscription services. This module generates sales orders based on bespoke algorithm. This module generates 40% of sales orders for EA Swiss.

§         Design & development of RMA receipt/Subinventory transfer form based on scanned item BarCodes.

§         Design & development of Swiss Quick Order Entry Screen based on Swiss Pricing Model.

§         Design & development of Mass Price Change and Mass SKU replacement process OrderImport.

§         Developed ECommerce solution/interface for importing sales orders from the Internet.

§         Customised the Check Printing report in Oracle Payables, also performed the payment format setups.


September 1999 – October 1999

10.7 to Release 11.03 re-implementation for EA France

§         Extensive customisation of PO Print report, AR Invoice report displaying discount info on French regulations.

§         Developed RMA Receipts import process for the French warehouse legacy system.


June 1999 – September 1999

Release 11.02 implementation for EA Spain

§         Customised Commercial Invoice, Onhand quantity report, Available quantities report, Open RMA report, order shipping backlog report, order reservations report.

§         Customization of standard RMA form, so as to perform quick RMA receipts online from RMA screen in OE. The standard pricing user exit was bypassed by custom code as per Spanish pricing requirements.

§         Designed & developed interfaces for electronic processing of sales order and AR invoices for ECI customer. Error correction/mapping screens were developed as well. ECI is responsible for 50% of EA Spain business.


November 1998 – May 1999

Release 11.02 implementation for EA Germany

§         Designed & developed mass sales order creation form using a matrix combination of ship-to-sites, SKU & quantities. Using this form 100 orders could be created in 20 minutes which by normal process took 5hrs.

This process also provided reservation swap process using the Demand Interface.

§         Designed and developed mass order cancellation form based on standard cancel orders form. Open orders could be cancelled on following parameters :: Item, Customer/Site, Backlog option, Aging of line. Sales staff, which usually spent hours on cancelling these orders, could now do it within 2minutes using this form.

§         Developed Quick Order Entry screen along with displaying backlog, available, site backlog quantities.

§         Developed SKU enquiry screen to query onhand, available, pick released quantity, backlog quantity.

§         Developed report to print expected future customer credits in bucket type format.

§         Automated the Intrastat processing. Manual intrastat process involved a staff member in each warehouse manually recording the transactions. This module could be run to create all these transactions automatically.

§         Performed EDI setup & developed bespoke triggers to import orders via EDI from a big German customer.


March 1998 – October 1999

10.6 Character to 10.7 Character upgrade for EA UK , EA Nordic

§         Imported open AP invoices from 10.6 to 10.7 using the standard AP Invoice interface.

§         Developed cargo link process to extract shipment information and ftp file to Cargo Company which did shipments for Nordic warehouses. Also processed the return file from cargo to update waybill information

§         Rewrote program “Copy SKU costs across organizations” to overcome its various limitations.

§         Customised AR Invoice, added the consolidated invoicing feature, printed backlog quantities.

§         Certain SKU quantities were transferred and their demands transferred using transactions/demand interface.

§         Tuned various SQL programs, reports, forms, views without affecting the business purpose of the processes.

§         Customised following reports Pick release, Sales order acknowledgement, Backlog report, Backorder report, Open return report, Commercial invoice, Available quantity, Negative onhand quantity report.

§         Designed and developed various GL reports so as to upload data into excel to simulate the intercompany transactions in 10.6. These included Shipments, PO/RMA receipts, interorg transactions posted to GL.

§         Developed various alerts like PO ’s to be approved, high value PO ’s, Records Errored in AR Interface tables

§         Provided support in various functional and technical aspects of Oracle Applications. This included support for Transactions Interface, Shipment Interface, Costing, receivables interface, order interface.


5) December 1997- March 1998.

As an Application Consultant, involved in the implementation and customization of Oracle Applications for Crompton Greaves ( Leading electric appliances manufacturing  organisation ). I was extensively involved in set-up and customisation of Oracle Order Entry, Oracle Purchasing and Oracle Inventory.



Discussion with the client regarding the proposed solution and design for customization and the migration strategy. Preparation of Setup Documents, Design Document & Test cases.

Oracle Inventory:

Documented setup of Organization structure, UOM conversions, item templates, item catalogs, item categories and item category sets, Transaction types/source, ATP rules, Planning using minmax planning & re-order point planning.

§       Developed item interface to transfer item information from the legacy system into Oracle Applications.

§       Developed Replenishment Interface in Oracle Inventory based on data sent from warehouse in flat file.

Oracle Order Entry:

Documented set up of Order cycles, order types, holds, payment terms, navigation preferences Holds, Shipping information, Credit check rules, Standard value rule sets, payment terms and Discount, Customer profiles/classes.

§         Uploaded price lists into Oracle from the flat file. A form was developed to show/correct the exceptions.

§         Customized Order Confirmation report, Outstanding orders report & pick slip report.

Oracle Purchasing:

Involved in the set up of Purchasing option, Receiving option, Position hierarchies, Approval Hierarchies, control groups, Approved Suppliers List, line types, transaction reasons, standard notes, Autosourcing rules.

§         Developed an interface program to transfer the open requisitions from legacy system to Oracle Applications.

§         Developed a vendor rating report based on Lead-Time, Price, Payment terms, Inspection results, Past record.


6) July 1997 - Dec 1997

Performed analysis and development of Manufacturing Automation system for Matshushita -Japan. This project involved manufacturing solution, production planning, forecasting, cost management, shipment and order management.

§         Developed a Complex Order Entry Screen, Shipment direction screen, shipment dispatch document report.


7) Feb 1997 - July 1997.

As an Analyst Programmer, was invloved in analysis and design of fully automated foriegn allowance system.

§         Used Designer 2000 to reverse engineer schema and generate Entity-Relationship diagrams.

§         Generated prototype screens by using Oracle Forms Generate utility of Designer 2000.

§         Developed Invoice batch in PL/SQL, credit note reports using Oracle Reports 2.5.


8) May 1996- Feb 1997.

As a programmer, developed and tested Retailing System for one of the largest Singapore Retail Company (CK Tang).

§         Developed screens for purchase order management that interfaces with inventory mgmt & various sales reports.


9) June 1995- April 1996.

As a programmer, was involved in development of financial accounting package for a Boston Management Consultancy. This software includes maintenance of  purchase book, ledger book, cash book, Bank receipt book, Bank payment book.

§         Developed various master details screen on FORMS 3.0                      

§         Generated Complex reports like Cash balance, trial balance report, ledger, purchase reports on PRO *C.