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E p i c e n t r e
Issue 4

Dear David,

Some observations on Questions put by the Committee to Stallion Owners 02/01/01

  1. Q. Is the complete abolition of premiums a good idea?
  2. Q. What incentive would encourage you to bring your stallion to a StallionParade?
  3. Q. Have you any ideas to encourage the use of less popular Stallions?
  4. Q. Would you be in favour of abolishing premiums after say 25 offspring?
  5. Q. The Society has a responsibility to provide unbiased advice on breed genetics to enable members to make informed choices, have you any comments?

Stud Directory

Somewhere it should be made plain that mares accepted to run out "on the hill" are at danger of being damaged by the stallion. Sex is a serious business and is fundamentally not kind. Mares "on the hill" may not be able to be brought away at the drop of a hat.

Peter Dean.