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E p i c e n t r e
Issue 4

The secretary of the EPS asks for information about stallion useage

Dear Stallion Owner,

As you may know stallions were discussed at a special meeting in November and then by the Committee at their December meeting. Several areas were identified where change might be desirable and I am therefore giving you the opportunity to comment before the next committee meeting in February. Please reply by January 17th.

I would like to make it clear at the outset that the Society have no wish to dictate how stallions are used but we hope members will keep in mind the need to maintain genetic variation.

Views were expressed that, in the interests of the genetic health of the breed, awarding stallion premiums was counter productive. Members tend to use " premium" stallions and those winning at shows in preference to others but there are quality stallions who, for various reasons, are never shown are put forward for premiums. From the breed viewpoint as many stallions as possible need to be used. Committee is therefore proposing replacing premiums with some form of financial incentive to encourage members to bring their stallions to the two stallion parades. Please give you views on the following points and any others which you feel are relevant.

When thinking about your replies pleases remember we're are talking about the BREEDING population i.e. those ponies contributing to the following generations. Many mares are never bred from and only a few colts make stallions.

The Committee also considered producing a Stud Directory including photographs and with more information than is currently available.

From a financial viewpoint the inclusion of photographs is not an option because we would have to charge for advertising and this would, as with premiums, mean that not all stallions could be included. Your views on this would also be appreciated. At present it is felt that the current Stud Directory list is sufficient and I would therefore be grateful for any comments and replies to the questions.

Yours etc.

David Mansell (Secretary)