Exmoor Ponies in Conservation Newsletter

Issue 2 Appendix 3

Emergency halter for handled ponies


If you find yourself with a pony to catch in a hurry and you have no headcollar - as long as you have a piece of rope or baler twine - all is not lost.

1. Put a non-slip loop in one end of the rope and another similar knot about three feet away.

2. Put end with the loop in it over the ponies head, and keep the other loop on the other side of the pony’s head, keeping the rest of the rope in your hand.

3. Thread the length of rope that you are holding through the loop furthest from you, passing under the ponies chin. Tie it off with a half hitch (?) or other non-slip knot.

4. Bring the remaining length of rope over the ponies nose and through the loop nearest to you.


5. Here’s one I prepared earlier......

If you need more information about this halter, please e-mail EPIC directly.

Exmoor Ponies in Conservation