Exmoor Ponies in Conservation Newsletter

Issue 2 Article 17

The Grazing Animals Project

Organisers of GAP will be holding the third Grazing Forum meeting at Leighton Moss Reserve, Silverdale, Lancs on Sept 28th l998 and visiting various sites in the area.

The last one in April featured Burnham Beeches, currently being grazed by Exmoor ponies, Jacob's sheep, British white cattle and Berkshire pigs were enjoyed by all.

Useful information in the recent GAP newsletter (by kind permission) includes:- Recent publications;

1. Examples of current grazing management of lowland heathlands and implications for future policy ' English Nature Research Report No 271. Bacon J.C English Nature ISSN O967-876X. Available from E.N. Enquiry Service . Tel 01733 455100. Fx.17733 455103.

2. Ivermectin use in livestock. 1997 Cooke A.S. FWAG. National Agricultural Centre, Stoneleigh, Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV82RX.

Details of the 'Eco-puller' tall weed pulling machine, designed for the reduction of tall weed infestations in grazed wildlife grasslands (including ragwort) can be obtained from English Nature's Enquiry Service. (above) Also in 'Enact ' vol. 6 No 2. Summer '98.

Have you heard about machinery rings? There are 33 in U.K. designed to help individuals obtain specialist labour or machinery. More details and how to find local Ring Manager from E.N Enquiry Service.

For all mailing enquiries and to be put on the GAP mailing list ; Richard Small, School of Biological and Earth Sciences, Byrom St. Liverpool L3 3AF. Fax. 0151 2073224. Tel. 0151 2312051.

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