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Exmoor Ponies in Conservation Newsletter

Issue 1


    1 What's an EPIC? by Margaret & Tim Mackintosh

    2 Dreams can come true by Sue Baker

    3 In the beginning............... by Tim Mackintosh

    4 Nags, False Oat Grass and Dunging Areas by Matthew Oates

    5 Managing Dartmoors at Hembury Woods By Lucy Morton

    6 Slievenalargy Exmoors at Murlough by Sarah Creaner National Trust Reserve in Northern Ireland

    7 Suffolk goes to Exmmor by Steven Grimshaw

    8 The Grazing Animals Project extract from GAP Newsletter 8-10-97

    9 Exmoor Ponies and the Exmoor National Park by Veryan Heal

    10 Castern Wood Exmoors by Helen Gee and Val Sherwin

    11 Aqualate Mere Exmoors by Tim Coleshaw

    12 Grazing Ponies for Conservation by Peter Dean

    13 Cocking a Snoot by Tim Mackintosh

    14 Pony Power a pony's eye view of things?

    15 Pack it in! by Margaret Mackintosh

    16 From the Lobbies extracts from WWF-UK's 1996 report to Parliament and from the Minister of Agriculture's reply, courtesy of David Lovelace

    17 Worms and how to avoid them by Margaret Mackintosh

    18 What's coming for future issues by Margaret Mackintosh

    19 Get yourself on the EPIC database

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