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Issue 1 Article 18


Graziers Letters. Your comments, requests, responses etc.

Classified Ads. Wanted and for sale, animal, vegetable or mineral.

More on the pack pony:- the original four by four.

The Exmoors that went on their holidays to Greece - and never came back?

More on worms and worming.

Too Hot Too Handle? The great handling debate. Some ideas on how to handle your ponies, and a collection of tips on tried and tested, pain-free methods if you want civilised ponies. Reserve issues- throw your handling problems into the melting pot for discussion.

Feed Without Seed.

Hard winter weather, or maintaining condition in youngstock may necessitate extra feeding. How do graziers avoid introduction of 'foreign' seed in hay and grains? A review of some suitable feed products old and new, suitable for native ponies and seed-free.

Have you ever wondered; Do Exmoors eat mushrooms and watercress? or Do Tarpans really exist and what are they anyway? and How did an Exmoor pony learn how to be a driving pony in record time?

Find out the answers to these and many more questions in the next EPICENTRE

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You will notice that there is a distinct shortage of pictures in this issue! We'd like to include more if you send them to us. We can process most digitally scanned picture formats - so if you have anything suitable, please send it. (We can't process photos or slides.)

If you have the technology, all written contributions will be gratefully received as text files on disc or via e-mail (they can be sent in PC, Acorn or Atari format).



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