Site Description

An 'Exmoor Ponies in Conservation' project

Health and Safety

Keep Safe!

Myers Allotment is now managed by Lancashire Butterfly Conservation. To find out more - click here.

Where not to go The site has many potential hazards. There is a steep cliff escarpment at the southern end of the site. This area must be avoided.

There are a number of poisonous plants on the site. You should avoid touching ragwort without wearing gloves, and if you do accidentally come into contact with the plant, avoid rubbing your eyes, or eating before washing your hands. The yew tree has poisonous leaves and berries.

There will probably be ticks on the site. Information about ticks, Lymes Disease and the treatment of tick bites has been published by New Forest District Council.

Which areas can be visited The woodlands and the glades provide good areas for the study of colonisation and succession by flora and fauna and give a sense of the ancient limestone grassland that has been encroached upon during recent years. It is advisable to carry a first aid kit and a mobile phone.

Behaviour in the countryside Remember to follow the country code. Trees must not be damaged in any way or wood removed. Flowers must not be picked or plants dug up. Hammering of the rock on the limestone pavement is not permitted. Remember:- Leave only footprints, take only photographs and memories.

Clothing and footwear Suitable clothing and footwear should be worn for an environment that may be wet and muddy. Some paths may be steep and wet limestone is very slippery. Suitable cleated soled footwear with good ankle support is advisable. No shelter is available on the site in bad weather.

Facilities The nearest refreshment and toilet facilities are available at Leighton Moss Visitors centre. To use these facilities please ensure that you contact the centre beforehand (telephone 01524 701601). A public telephone is also located at Leighton Moss Visitors centre . There is parking for vehicles adjacent to the site at the Slackwood Lane end of The Row. Please inform EPIC on 01524 701470 of your intention to visit Myers Allotment for educational purposes. This is important so that we can monitor the use of the site and for health and safety reasons. The use of the site for anything other than educational purposes is not permitted.