David Metcalfe 


The songs and stories that most interest David feature ordinary people in real and often challenging circumstances, or deal in some way with the inescapable and perplexing mystery of being human.

storyteller, folk singer and guitarist

For David, telling stories and singing ballads is the ultimate sustainable practice - leaving no trace behind except in the listener's mind. 


Rondo Theatre, Bath, 2001

Chapel Arts Centre, Bath, 2009

David's material is drawn mainly from the rich mythological, historical and folk traditions of the British Isles, particularly from Wales, Ireland and the rural Anglo-Scottish borderland, but also the expeditionary, sea-faring and mercantile ventures of Medieval and early Modern times.

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songs of love

and death

Album released December 2011

David is a performance storyteller and narrative consultant. He is particularly interested in the narrative interpretation of landscape, archaeology and history - in the impact of humankind on landscape evolution and in human communities' inter-action with each other today and in the deep and recent past. David released an album of traditional folk songs in December 2011 -ROGUES & RAVENS: songs of love and death.