Tube Trains

With the expansion of the London tube system in the 1930's there was a need for modern new trains to handle the growing numbers of people using the Underground system. The design and development work taking place in the 1930's produced a design classic in the 1938 Tube Stock.

The 1938 stock trains were designed to operate in the very confined space of the deep bore tunnels. These tunnels are constructed of cast iron sections bolted together to create a 12 feet diameter tube which clears the roof of the carriages by just a few inches. The 1938 stock was used primarily on the Northern, Bakerloo, Piccadilly and Central lines and remained in service for almost 50 years, and some are still in service 64 years later. In 1959 a modernised version was introduced which utilised newer materials. Externally the front of the driving cars were restyled making them appear flatter and the axle suspension and current collectors on the bogies were changed. The final version was the 1962 stock which had external driver communication equipment fitted to the front of the 'D' and 'A' driving carriages.

In the design of our models we can create all of the 1938, 1959 and 1962 stock carriages. Four types of carriages are used to make up trains and these are, driving carriage type 'A', driving carriage 'D', a non-driving motor carriage and a trailing carriage. Trains are made up of 3 car sets, 4 car sets or are joined to make 7 car trains and all combinations have a 'D' driving car at one end and an 'A' driving car at the other and all trains run the same way round to enable auto coupling in the tunnels.

Our models are sold as individual items to enable the collector to create their own train sets. Each model is supplied attached by a turn key to a length of display track, which clip together as required to display the length of train created. The 1:76 scale carriages are fully articulated and suitable to run on 4mm to the foot fine scale track layouts. The carriages are of screwed construction allowing them to be dismantled so that motors bogies can be added, if required. Motor bogies are not supplied. The models are supplied with insulated wheels and axles to prevent shorting the rails and the interior of the carriages features a high level of detail including the hanging straps and route maps.

Over the years these trains have appeared in a variety of liveries including the dark maroon in which they were introduced when many of the trains were owned by L.N.E.R.