About the Master List

The Idea Behind The Exclusive First Editions Master List

The Master List was created in 2000 and designed for our office use, we soon realised that it may also be a great resource for our collectors. The list contains every model we have made since our beginnings in 1989 (this is well over 1500 models!) To make the list easier to read the models have been catalogued into separate groups and these groups make up the pages of the master list.
The information was put on a spreadsheet to make it simple to scan and search though. We have converted our original list into a HTML spreadsheet format as every computer can read HTML with a copy of Microsoft Explorer; this is a free program, which most computers already have pre-installed. We have also put a copy of the Master List in a excel spreadsheet which you can download from the left hand sidebar (Master List > Master List)

Searching though the Master List

There are several ways to search through the Master List it all depends on what you want to find!
The easiest method is to let the computer do all the hard work for you. If your using a (PC) press control F or for (Mac) command F, then type in the information you want to search for. Remember to keep it simple by using key words (e.g. if you are looking for a model that displays the advert "you can rely on Dulux ICI" you just type in "Dulux" or "ICI"). This will stop the computer from getting confused. Press OK and the computer will tell you if the search has been successful, this process only searches the page you currently have on screen, to search other pages you have to open them individually.

We have trawled through all of our records to ensure that the information in this list is as accurate as possible. However regretfully there are some early models for which we are missing information. Finding this missing information is an ongoing project and it is our aim, to one day have a truly complete Master List.

Please note: If you wish to purchase models from our back stock please refer to our Model List (found in the sidebar under Shop) as the Master List is used purely for reference and is not an indicator of our current stock.

Other Helpful Notes About The Master List

Dots before or after type:

Highlights that there is more text on the actual model than has been shown, we have shown as much information as possible but if there is too much text to fit in the section only the important information is shown.

A letter placed after a code number:

At times museums and associations, commission models to advertise or celebrate special events. A small quantity of a standard release model are given new blinds, registration numbers adverts etc. The letter is placed after the code number to differentiate between the reworked model and the original donor model.

Code 1:

Refers to a standard released model

Code 2:

Refers to a model that has been reworked for a second party with EFE's knowledge and involvement.

Code 3:

Refers to a model that has been reworked by a third party without EFE's knowledge or consent.


Refers to a small quantity of a standard released model that has been revised, given a limited edition certificate of authenticity and packaged for release in to our deluxe range of models.


To identify different brand types within the Gilbow (Holdings) Ltd range a prefix letter is placed in front of a code number. The letter E was used to identify Exclusive First Editions branded models.

E-Code numbers:

The first three numbers of the E-code are to identify the vehicle type and the last two numbers identify what livery the vehicle was made into.