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This site is designed to give you an insight into the way I work and how as an Independent Financial Adviser I can help you.

Redgate Financial Services deal with all areas of insurance whether you are a company, small or large, or an individual. If there are any areas of insurance that you are looking for that are not included on this web site, do contact me with your query. Whatever that query might be, the answer will be yes, we can certainly help you.

Having independent financial advice could save you money.

As Independent Financial Advisers we are able to give impartial advice as we work on behalf of our clients and not for any one company. With such a wide range of products on the market, from insurance and investments to pensions and employee benefits, you need the advice and expertise of an independent financial adviser.

An independent financial adviser differs significantly from advisers that are tied to one company i.e. your bank, building society or insurance company. These advisers will only be able to offer you products from their own company's range, whether that be good, bad or indifferent.

How we work

We work exclusively on our client's behalf and select only those products that truly meet the needs of my client. Our obligation is to the client, not to any one insurance company.

Our aim is to spend time with each client analysing their financial circumstances and needs, without obligation, and taking into account any existing arrangements. We will then prepare a written report recommending an appropriate course of action for your objectives to be met. Appointments can be made for me to visit at your home (daytime or evening) or at your place of work or you can visit our office in Worcester Park, Surrey.

If you wish to proceed with any of my recommendations we would normally be remunerated directly from the product provider in the form of commission and this commission will be disclosed to the client in full at the time of my report. Some clients, however, prefer to pay a fee for our services. In this case, no commission from the product provider will be taken thus enhancing the terms of any contract recommended. We are happy to accommodate this arrangement if required.

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