Management to siut you.


Giving Distant Landlords what they need. is a property company set up to manage Buy to let properties since 1996 and unlike estate agents we are very selective in who we let our properties too. we also supply distant or absent  Landlords a specialized letting and property management service. looking after your needs, your Tenants needs, as we would our own.

In today's property market, Landlords need to be on the ball when it comes to letting, especially with the surge in false claims, Anti Social behavior or Disputes.

Special care should be given  to combat the current epidemic of drug gangs, who will turn your property in to a green house given a chance.

New legislation and licensing laws are on the way and in some locations are already in place, compliance with insurance and gas safety equipment and the related checks involved, ask yourself: are you up to speed and in control of whats going on in your property?

Are you close enough to keep an eye on it ? offer distant or absent  landlords a no nonsense hands on approach that no estate agent will offer such as spot checks, neighbor notification, random 24hr  drive by observation for drug growers or illegal activity.

licensing, gas safety, repairs and cleaning post or pre let, gardening. maintenance, 24hr contact in case of an emergency.

Remember we are landlords and have been for many years so we know what you need and what you want and this is what gives us the edge you get a long trouble free let your tenants get to enjoy your property with a long and peaceful let,  property management service is only available to a few selected home owners or landlords and our portfolio remains predominately let on long term (renewed) tenancies.

whatever your needs please contact us by phone email (or letter)

                                                                                                 Mart Cash