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This project is aimed at getting young people involved in caring about their environment and their neighbourhood. It helps them to develop new skills and links well with the National Curriculum giving them the opportunity to develop listening and debating skills, make responsible choices, work co-operatively, learn about democracy, learn to negotiate and take responsibility in both school and community life. The outdoor space is used to create a teaching and learning resource where students can link their work with different subjects i.e. science, art & design, numeracy, literacy, citizenship etc.

In 2008 we began a pilot scheme in partnership with Streetscene to develop a garden at Orchard Park Community School in Arbury. At the start of the project it was bare ground and the children debated and decided what they would like to grow. As the plants began to grow their enthusiasm increased and ultimately they were able to enjoy the fruits of their labours. The Head teacher reported increased interest in their environment, which resulted in the children designing a wildlife pond to add to their garden. For 2009 the children have decided that they would like to grow more vegetables which they could then cook and eat as part of their healthy school dinners.

The pilot project has helped the children become more interested in what goes on around them and has brought parents into the school to help, increasing the sense of community.

We would like to extend the project to other City schools and eventually link them up to form a network where they can support each other, share their skills and knowledge and give us and the Council an insight into young people’s priorities and concerns.


Orchard Park Community School

If you know of a school who would like to join this project please call us on 01223 568318 or e-mail  
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