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Tell us your views with the Housing Sounding Board

What is it?
The Housing Sounding Board is a way of finding out your opinions on Council services. These are gathered by asking residents to complete surveys and feeding their views back to the Council’s Housing Service and Housing Management Board to improve services for everyone.

How do residents join it?
Whenever we contact residents, whether that is knocking on your door at a Street Forum or by you responding to a survey from Open Door, we ask if you would be willing to be consulted again in the future and if so how you would prefer to be contacted – e-mail, letter or phone. If you agree these details are stored on the database that makes up the Housing Sounding Board.

How does it work?
Council officers decided what each survey will be about and draw up the questions. A number of residents is then chosen from the Housing Sounding Board and invited to complete a survey; by the method they chose (e-mail, letter or phone). We try to select a cross-section of those on the database so that we don’t keep contacting the same residents every time!

All the responses are put together and this information is fed back to the Council, who use it to influence their policies, their strategies and to improve their service delivery. We don’t share your information with anyone other than the City Council.

To join the Housing Sounding Board, please fill out the form below.


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The housing sounding board is a quick and easy way for residents to influence Council decisions from the comfort of their own home.

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