Welcome to the

South Of Devon Anti-Lunar Light H3


Let me introduce you to the Little Sod!

He's a lazy Sod

The Little Sod gets all over the South of Devon and has even been known to travel further afield. He brings with him a few simple 'rules' if such things can exist in hashing:

1) SODALL trail-laying! The only exception here is that if several pubs are involved he will chalk out a few arrows to the next pub.
2) SODALL checking! All checks are re-groups on a SODALL hash.

So, how does it work?
Well, being as there are so many hashes in Devon there simply isn't the need to lay trails. SODALL simply pick the on hash running the night before the New Moon and that becomes the SODALL hash, although the hosts don't get told about it!

If you want to know more, contact the SODALL GM and he may just add your name to the mailing list!

Run count and other stuff will be added as soon as Buzby can get his finger out and do something about it!

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